Disney Shoppe 008The Disney Shop at JCP Is Now Open!

Today I’m thrilled to share with you photos of a magical little shop tucked away inside your local JCPenney store, The Disney Shop.  A close Disney friend of mine, Keith Renard is the Visual Specialist at my local JCPenney.  Late last night he shared with me a photo of this pixie dusted place.  At that moment I knew I had to share it with all of you!  Upon sun rise today, I shared the photo with my little Mouseketeers and you can probably guess what happened next.  We jumped in the car and rushed to the store!

The Shop is simply adorable.  Looking straight into the shop, you get a feeling as if you’ve truly entered a miniature Disney Store!  The display pieces, merchandising, and product is so incredibly similar to the Disney Store.  Even the hangers appear to come from the same supplier as the Disney Store’s hangers.  The ratio of “girl” products to “boy” products is also about the same.  The Shop’s official company launch date is October 4th, so not all the product is represented in my photos.  My son, Gavin is holding out hope for some Planes themed items.  I did notice one huge difference between the Disney Store and JCPenney’s Disney Shop, the prices.  I found them to be significantly lower in the Disney Shop and yet from what I can tell the quality is the same.

Let’s Explore Inside!

Disney Shoppe 004

There’s even merchandise that features Disney Junior’s super popular Sophia the First and Doc McStuffins! Disney Shoppe 005Disney Shoppe 001

Princesses Merchandise is Everywhere!

There’s Princess PJ Pals, t-shirts, slippers, coats, costumes, accessories, Barbie-sized Princess Dolls, figurines, Disney Princess toddler dolls, and luggage just to name a few!

For boys, character brands include Toy Story, Cars, Monster’s University, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Mickey Mouse & Friends.  They are represented on toys, clothing, luggage, character plush and more.

 Here’s some exciting insider news!  Frozen costumes are on their way to the store!  The new Frozen merchandise should find its way to the store by October 1st.

Disney Shoppe 010Can I say PJ Pals?

Disney Shoppe 003

Disney Shoppe 011This Minnie Mouse winter coat was my favorite find.  It’s only $34 regular price!

I must admit that I’ve never been a frequent shopper at JCPenney.  With this happy little attraction now open,  The Disney Shop at JCP is my new destination for adding a touch of Disney magic into our weekly shopping excursions!




Thank you again Keith for sharing this wonderful news with me and allowing me to take these photos, so I was then able to share it with all our Disney Friends!


6 Comments on The Disney Shop at JCPenney

    • I agree! I already purchased two shirts! The Jake and the Neverland pirates for Victoria is adorable! It’s such a pretty shade of blue and sparkles so girly :)

  1. Amy?? I’m thrilled Keith shared this info.I went Sat.night & bought things for my grandson & Megan is shopping tomorrow for WOODY OR BUZZ costume. Riley already has the boots!

    • Hi Janice! Thanks for stopping by the blog! Yes, it’s Amy :) I’m also thrilled Keith gave me the green light to share the information will everyone. Aren’t the costumes great? The quality is fantastic! I think I’m about to become a jcp regular…

  2. I love the JcPenney Disney line. Great quality and much less expensive. The only problem is that I have 3 little girls who are obsessed with Frozen and the JCPenney line has little in stock. I have searched daily online and in stores for months trying to get their Elsa shoes with no luck. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi Danelle, Thank you for stopping by the blog tonight! Yes, the Frozen sisters are still over-the-top in demand! I have two suggestions to you that may help. First, talk to your local JCP store’s Disney Shop department manager. He or she may love to help! I’m not an employee of JCP nor have I ever worked for them, but I have worked in retail for years and the one thing I learned is that a retail manager will try their best to keep their customers happy. You never know, they may alert you when the shoes are in stock. It’s worth a try! Second, if you’re not dead set on having the exact shoes from JCP, try your local craft shops and craft shows. Disney sells licensed ribbons and materials with Anna, Elsa and Olaf all over them. People are becoming crafty with this stuff. I’m seeing great Frozen themed items popping up, including flip flops, dresses, shirts, blankets, pillows, bows, hats, purses…and the list goes on. You may find a pair of shoes that your girls will enjoy even like more :) Good luck and I hope you visit the blog again!

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