Nap time in the Rose GardenDoesn’t she look adorable?  You should have seen her five minutes earlier!

Some children can fall asleep anywhere.  It isn’t uncommon to walk around the Walt Disney World Resort and see children slowly and sweetly falling fast asleep in their strollers, on their dad’s shoulders or in their mom’s arms.  And then you witness the 3 o’clock meltdowns.  These are usually performed by those precious children who are full of energy and curiosity, refusing to give in to sleep.  My husband and I have been vacationing with our two children since they were infants.  Our kids are the angels that refused to simply fall asleep without a fight.  We’ve learned that leaving the park for nap time is the best option for a fun day without meltdowns.  However there are times when that isn’t an option.  Over the past year we’ve vacationed with our toddler at W.D.W. three times , and I think have found the best “fall asleep” spots inside of the parks.

Today over at The Disney Moms blog I’m sharing my daughter’s proven perfect nap time locations within Walt Disney World’s four theme parks.

If you’d like to read them, I’d love for you to hop on over to the blog!  Here’s the link to take you straight to the article.


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