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The sun is shining.  The birds are tweeting and my kids have been running round singing Olaf’s “In Summer” during this beautiful season we’ve been enjoying in Pennsylvania.

They’re not alone.  While talking with a bunch of fellow Disney-Inspired bloggers, we all realized that Frozen is just as hot as the blazing sun outside.  We decided to group together to bring you our best Frozen Inspired fun for you to read, pin and share as you hop around our blogs.

For my post today, I’d like to share with you how to make an Olaf-Inspired Pencil Holder.

Olaf Pencil Holder

Due to all the extra snow days we had last year, the district is trying to prepare for this winter by starting the school year earlier.  Trying to get my son prepared, I have school on the brain.  While picking up supplies the other day, I bought McDonald’s happy meals for the kids’ lunches.  With the Frozen soundtrack blaring in the background, I handed Gavin and Victoria their milks and couldn’t help but think of little Olaf’s adorably shaped head.  Pairing school with Olaf, I came up with an Olaf Inspired Pencil Holder!  My mind works in strange ways, I know.


Olaf Pencil Holder Supplies

  • One cleaned McDonald’s milk container
  • Orange, white, black and brown felt
  • Two google eyes
  • Glue Gun with glue

Draw Olaf’s nose, eyebrows, mouth and tooth onto the felt and cut them out.

Olaf felt pieces

Hot glue the back of each piece and attach them to the milk bottle.

You’re done!  It’s that simple!

Can’t get enough of Olaf?  Hop on over to another fun Frozen post!


20 Comments on Back-to-School with an Olaf Inspired Pencil Holder

    • Deb, I actually considered bringing it to work with me for my desk- LOL. However Gavin’s already using it for his pencils… Maybe we’ll make another one. :) Thank you for visiting the blog today Deb!

    • Thank you Beth. Next time you go to McD’s just hang on to your kids milk jugs! :) Wash them and when you have 10 minutes draw, cut and glue. I love that we’re already using it in our house too! Thanks for stopping by the blog today Beth.

    • It’s the fastest project too Lisa! Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I LOVED reading your Frozen Dessert party post!

  1. So super cute! I’m working on a homework area for the boys for when school starts back up. I might have to make one for their desk

    • I agree Kristy! This would be a perfect candy cane holder! I love the idea. Thank you for sharing it and for stopping by the blog :)

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