Simple Little Mermaid- Inspired Cupcakes Tutorial

Little Mermaid Sea Shell cupcakes

“New Seashells?”

That famous line squawked by Ariel’s feathered friend, Skuttle, made my cupcake design decision simple for my daughter’s Little Mermaid-inspired birthday party. With the use of Wilton brand seashell chocolate mold, making these cupcakes were three-steps simple!

Today I’ll share a quick photo tutorial of how to make these yummy sea-side treats.

You’ll need the following items before you get started.

  • 24 cupcakes cooled and ready for icing
  •  white icing
  • Wilton large open star icing tip (I used tip 1M)
  • purple seashell chocolates (made from the above mentioned mold)
  • 1 box of cinnamon graham crackers
  • sealing gallon size storage bag
  • rolling-pin

Step 1: Using your over-sized open star tip, create an ocean foam-like topping by pointing your tip and piping bag of icing straight at the center of your cupcake, squeeze the bag and allow the large star to develop into a hefty amount of icing that resembles ruffles at the edges.

beach themed cupcakes

Step 2: Place half of your box of graham cracker sheets into a gallon sized storage bag. Zip close the bag and use a rolling-pin to crush the crackers, creating your sand. Once half the crackers are crushed, add the remaining crackers to the bag and roll away! Once all the crackers are crushed, sprinkle all of the cupcakes with the crumbs. Before moving to the last step, take a minute to shake off the excess crumbs.

Beach cupcake

Step 3: Add your purple seashell and starfish chocolates. That’s it!


Super simple and oh-so-yummy, the combination of graham crackers, vanilla icing and cake is delicious and the presentation is perfect for any beach themed get-together, including my daughter’s Little Mermaid inspired birthday party!

Looking for more Little Mermaid inspired party food? Check out my Little Mermaid-inspired party food post from last week.

Until next time, I hope your days are magical!



Little Mermaid Party Food

Little Mermaid Party Food

Today I’m continuing the recap of my daughter’s Little Mermaid-inspired birthday party by sharing the food menu….which, I think, has the perfect touch of “nautical nonsense.”

The party took place during a hot day in the middle of July, so although I originally wanted to offer a variety of seafood, I decided to offer food that wouldn’t spoil as easily. To keep with our theme, I gave each food option a fun Little Mermaid-inspired name.

Lunch Menu

  • Ariel’s Seashell Pasta
  • Under The Sea Sub Sandwiches
  • Skuttle’s Starfish Salad – red grapes, strawberries, blueberries and watermelon. Star-shaped cookie cutters were used to transform our watermelon into Starfish.

Skuttles Starfish Salad ~ Little Mermaid themed food

  • Sea Salt Chips
  • Pirate Booty snack bags

Little Mermaid Party Food

  • Sebastian’s Jumpin’ Jellyfish Sandwiches (Again, I simply used cookie cutters to make the shaped sandwiches.)

Little Mermaid Party Food


I offered the typical non-alcohol beverages- milk, grape juice, water and a variety of sodas. There was one themed drink- Flounder’s Blue Ocean (Blue Hawaiian Punch and Sprite.) I saw variations of this type of blue drink all over Pinterest, so I thought I’d try it.  It was a big success with the kids!

Little Mermaid Party Drinks


For the treat table I kept with the party’s color scheme of a variety of blues, greens and white when choosing treats that complemented our theme. Little Mermaid inspired treat table

Here’s a rundown of the treats available to the party guests:

  • Raspberry and Grape Salt Water Taffy
  • Gummi Blue Raspberry Rings
  • Shimmer White Gumballs
  • Blue and Purple rock candy sticks
  • Oyster Cookies

Little Mermaid inspired Treat

I used S-shaped store purchased cookies to make the Oyster-like cookies. Each S-shaped cookie I snapped in half, which I then connected the two halves with icing and placed a white Sixlet in the center as if it was a pearl.

Little Mermaid Inspired Food

  • Green Apple Licorice
  • Turquoise Wegmans Gems (M&M look-a-likes but cheaper)
  • Clam Shell Lollipops by Etsy Shop Candied Cakes

Little Mermaid Party Food

Last, but not least, is Victoria’s requested “Mermaid” cake.  Per her (everyday for a month) request, she wanted a Mermaid cake- “chocolate on the inside, green on the outside.” A bit less dramatic than I wanted, but Wegman’s bakery department did exactly as she wanted and Victoria was happy. That alone made the entire day perfect for me!

Thanks for visiting the Mouse Ears Mom blog today.  If you’re planning a Little Mermaid-inspired party, stop by the blog next week for a closer look at the vanilla beach and Ariel-inspired cupcakes I made to go with her chocolate cake.  The post will include a simple three step tutorial too! I promise it’s just a few simple additions to an average cupcake and… YUM!!!

Until then, I hope your days are MAGICAL!

Little Mermaid Inspired Party: Decor, Activities and Party Favors

Little Mermaid Party Activities

A summer party that’s “Under the Sea” couldn’t get any better than this (according to Sebastian, of course!)

This summer my Little Mermaid Victoria celebrated her 4th birthday.  For months before the party Victoria told everyone she met that she was having an “Ariel Birthday Party – cake – chocolate on the inside and green on the outside.” That was the line she told EVERYONE! Of course she was often asked “Why green?”  And when this happened, very dramatically her response was repeated “That’s the color of Ariel’s tail.  It has to be green!” Each time I heard her say that I chuckled inside.  Apparently my themed-party-planning gene was passed along to her!

Using Victoria’s request of green as my starting point, the party planning for my princess went swimmingly.

I honestly had a blast planning, working with vendors and creating some of my own special touches for Victoria’s Little Mermaid themed birthday party.  I’m excited to share the details with you over the next week. You can expect to see a post on Little Mermaid-themed food, a sponsored post about the most awesome party favor you could give mermaid guests and even a tutorial on how to make simple beach-inspired cupcakes. Today, I’ll start by showing you an overview of the party’s themed decor, activities, and party favors. Those three pieces of a party are entwined together in theming, so this post will be a long one. My goal is to show you how a few simple and inexpensive touches can give a back yard party enough pixie dust to make your mermaid and her guests swim with glee!

Decor, Activities and Party Favors

Although the party was themed around The Little Mermaid Disney princess, Ariel, the majority of our young guests were boys.  After a quick discussion with the birthday girl, we decided to keep the themed accents nautical instead of princess.  I used shells and starfish to decorate everything and the color scheme was hues of blue, green, purple, white and touch of pink.

Little Mermaid themed party decor

This pretty starfish wreath was hung above the adult guest favor table.  It worked perfectly to draw attention to the table and could easily be duplicated by hot gluing three starfish to a wreath you may already have.

Little Mermaid-inspired Adult Party Favors

Placed below the wreath I used a small table to display the party favors given to the adults attending the party.  Inside hard-shelled milk chocolate seashell candies waited to be munched later in the day.  The blue tray held real seashells along with the thank you photo-cards from our little mermaid.

mermaid party table decor

Table decor I kept simple by using purple calla lilies and seashells. I love the shape of the calla lily leaves.  They remind me of sea weed or mermaid fins popping out of the ocean, ok, so maybe that’s a stretch but nonetheless, that’s why I chose them.

Mermaid party decor

It the food area I used additional touches of seashells and starfish.

The glass container set you see in the above photo I re-purpose for every party.  It’s so simple, a little hot glue and some Target $1 section ribbon or in this case rope and it adds a perfect party touch to the food table.  The sand dollars and starfish I made using Mod Podge molds.  They are so simple to make, I filled the mold with hot glue using my glue gun and painted a white shimmer glaze on them.  Once they dried, I hot glued them onto the rope on containers.  The best part is the glued items come off so easily when you’re done and leave no residue behind.

boys drink cups Mermaid partyThe pirates attending our mermaid party were given personalized drink glasses for them to use and then take home at the end of the party. I used the same molds and Target spot section supplies to embellish the pretty blue mason jars that I purchased from AC Moore Craft Store. The mermaids, who happened to be the younger guests at the party, were given Ariel plastic containers to use and take home as part of their party favors. The Ariel drink containers I also found in Target’s spot section.

Little Mermaid Party activity for boys and girls

We had a bubble blower set up at the beginning of the party and the kids loved running through it, but the activity that these pirates enjoyed the most was the treasure hunt. The boys we tagged as pirates and the girls, of course, as mermaids.  The boys were given their own pirate shirts to get soaked in as this treasure hunt involved two parts.  The mermaids went on their own hunt for Human Stuff and the pirates searched out their treasure. When they found their treasure a second map was with it, which lead them to a battle. The mermaids and pirates had a water balloon fight to defend their finds. Ok, I know you’re thinking- “Pirates? Where were they in the movie?” It’s a bit off the Little Mermaid theme but the kids loved it! Maybe Disney should consider this plot for another sequel…

Human treasure! Little Mermaid inspired activity

The mermaids found “Human Stuff!” (Ariel necklaces, change purses, pink chocolate coins and blue gummy fish) The pirates’ treasure was purple chocolate coins, green gummy fish and pirate rubber band bracelets.

Little Mermaid party favorsThe party activities concluded with lots of splashes in the pool! Each little mermaid dried off in their very own personalized mermaid towel.  The towels were made by Kim Osborne, owner of Etsy shop ~ Sewjob. She did a wonderful job making them and I’ll share more about them later this week.

If you’re planning a Little Mermaid-inspired party this summer, I hope this post gave you a few ideas to help you along!  If you’ve already hosted a Little Mermaid-inspired party, please share the details!  I’d love to check out your party too!


Thank you for stopping by the blog today.  Until next time, I hope your days are magical!


Rain Day? Simple 30-Minute Disney Kids Craft

Mod Podge Coasters

 Rain in your forecast?  Here’s a Disney inspired project to make with your little Mouseketeers that’s sure to add a bit of pixie dust to their day.

My daughter and I love to walk the isles of our local fabric store.  Although she’s three and I’m thirty…something…we both enjoy pulling out the rolls of pretty prints to see the beautiful designs and touch the many different textures. Of course her favorite row to shop is the licensed Disney character fabric!  Unfortunately, I don’t know how to sew much more than a button and a simple back-stitch, so we end up putting the rolls back on the shelf after touching. However, every now and then I come up with a simple craft idea using a bit of magical Disney fabric and this is one!

So, take your Mouseketeer to the local fabric store and set him free to find his favorite Disney characters plastered all over a cheerful fun-filled piece of fabric. All you’ll need to purchase is a quarter of a yard. (It won’t cost more than $1 or $2 (US).) Next, visit the wood project isle and you’re sure to find a set of wooden coasters.  Our store sold a six piece set for $1 (US). If you have a large group of Mouseketeers, Amazon sells a set of 50 plain white square coasters for $8.96. (I did this project in an after-school art program for 20 children and they worked perfectly!)   Last, but not least, you’ll need a foam brush and some Mod Podge.  That’s it!

Here’s a recap of the supplies:

  • Mod Podge
  • Fabric (.25 yards is more than enough to pick out images you’ll like on the coasters)
  • Disposable foam brush (easiest for little hands to use)
  • Coasters
  • Fabric pencil (optional- it may help you when your cutting out your squares)
  • Scissors

Now that you have your supplies, you’re ready to take on any rainy afternoon!

coaster supplies

If you’ve never used Mod Podge before, here are the simple steps to make the Disney-inspired coasters. For preschool and early elementary age kids, I would recommend Step 1 & 2 you complete for them and then turn the next step over to them.

  1. Trace the outline of a plain coaster on top of the fabric image you would like to adhere onto the coaster.
  2. Cut out the traced coaster image that you marked on the fabric. (I chose to cut the fabric square a touch smaller than the footprint of the original coaster because I wanted the white of the coasters to act as a frame to the fabric design.
  3. Apply Mod Podge evenly on the top of the plain coaster. (Kids love this part!!)
  4. Place the fabric on top of the Mod Podged coaster and allow it to dry for a few minutes.
  5. Once it starts to dry, then apply a layer of Mod Podge on top of the fabric. Allow this layer to dry completely.It will seal the coaster and allow it to have a smooth finish.  (After this layer dried, I chose to also go over the top one more time with a final coat. However, this isn’t needed.)

The crafting time is less than the shopping time for this project so bring your Mouseketeer with you to pick out the fabric.  It’s a Disney memory making experience from start to end!

Have you used Disney graphic fabric in any of your crafts?  If so, I’d love to see your creations! Feel free to share them in the comments or on my Facebook page at , include any links to your tutorials too!

Until next time, I hope your nights are full of dreaming and your days are wishes come true!

Thanks for stopping by!

Visiting the Merry-Go-Round Where Walt Disney Dreamed

Did you know that Walt Disney had a very important job each Saturday?

In the Disney household, Saturday was known as Daddy’s Day.  When Walt’s daughters, Diane and Sharon, were young their father would often take them to a nearby park known as Griffith Park.  The girls would ride on the park’s exquisite Merry-Go-Round, as Walt would sit upon a park bench watching them.  It’s at that time that Walt said he began dreaming of a park where parents and their children could “have fun together.”

During a recent trip to California, I was thrilled to discover that this iconic Merry-Go-Round is still in operation today!

The Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round, built in 1926, found its home in the park in 1937 and has been there ever since.  Being a huge Disney fan, having my children ride on the carousel during our family vacation was something I planned into our itinerary long before we boarded the plane in Pennsylvania.  However, all the planning I had done didn’t prepare me for the experience we had while visiting the park and ultimately taking a ride on this breathtaking attraction. Merry-Go-Round Griffith Park

Beautifully settled within Park Center, walking the path leading up to the carousel felt as if our family was stepping back into another time. The fantastic trees engulfing the walkway, played a role as curtains concealing and then unveiling the park’s hidden gem of nostalgia.

Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round

Following the path to the right, a friendly clown greets visitors at its vintage ticket booth.

To ride one of the 68 hand-carved jumpers the fare is $2.00 per rider.

Honestly, it was a bit of a shocker to only pay that much, after getting accustomed to paying Disneyland prices. The cost alone made me feel like I stepped back into a different era!

The carousel boasts dramatically detailed horses with flowing free tails, two chariots and a Stinson 1650 Military Band Organ, rumored to be the largest carousel organ on the West Coast.

Attached to the carousel hung this simple plaque, reminding visitor of times that have passed and that Griffith Park’s carousel has positively stood the test of time.

Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round

 Sincerely, it was the most magical ride I’ve ever ridden. Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round

During your family’s next trip to Disneyland, I’d highly recommend a side trip to Griffith Park- complete with a trip to its Merry-Go-Round. You’ll never forget it!

The carousel is open every weekend throughout the year, with extended hours during the summer and some major holidays. For additional information regarding the carousel, please call:  (323) 665-3051.

If you enjoyed reading about this piece of Disney History, why not check out the blog Frontierland Station’s weekly blog hop, called Fastpass to History! The details are listed below.

Have a Magical day!