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Our school’s PTA has asked me to host an afterschool Disney-Inspired Craft class for ten first and second grade students.  I’m excited to work with these little Mousketeers!  But first, I have to come up with the craft ideas!  Today I’m sharing with you one of those ideas.  Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I decided to design a few crafts around the holiday.

These little Mickey and Minnie Mouse-Inspired heart magnets are 3″ wooden pieces that I purchased at Michael’s Craft store for 29 cents each!

Valentines magnets 007

 Using washable paint, give one heart a coat of red paint and the other a coat of pink.  Leave it dry for five minutes and clean your paint bush.  Then paint the top of the heart black for Mickey & Minnie’s ears.  Using a Q-Tip dot two spots on the bottom of the red heart for Mickey’s buttons and a bunch of dots on the bottom of the pink heart for Minnie’s polka dots.  Then let the hearts dry.  The wood really soaks in the paint so they dry relatively quickly.

Valentines magnets 006Once they’re dry, it’s time to apply the magnet to the back.  To save time, I used ProMag Magnetic Tape.  To apply all the children have to do is peel the back off and stick it to the non-painted side of the heart.

Tip: Since the tape is curved, once you’ve applied the tape it’s a good idea to place the dried hearts under a book to help flatten out the magnet.

The afterschool program consists of four sessions.  One idea done!  Now it’s time to create three more.  Any ideas you’d like to share?

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14 Comments on Inexpensive and Simple Valentine’s Day Craft for Children

    • Thank you and thank you so much for stopping by the blog Deb! I also love bringing Disney into my daily life. It’s hard not to relate just about everything to Disney!

  1. Great post and great idea! It’s fun, easy and inexpensive – and it looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing and for riding the rails with the Magical Blogorail!

  2. What a great idea. I had seen the cookies like this but I can’t bake. This is much more my style. Thanks for linking up with Riding the Rails.

    • Thank you Mary! They’re super easy to make too! I thought I was a genius coming up with the design, then soon found out that Spoonful did the same design with cookies last year! Oh well, at least these won’t go stale. Thank you for stopping by my blog stop on the Blogorail!

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