Mickey Americana Pennant

Mickey Americana
“You’re a Grand Mickey Flag…”

Here’s a fun Mickey inspired way to celebrate Independence Day!  Below you will find the five easy steps, with photos, to make this pennant just in time for your 4th of July party.

Supplies1. Gather all your supplies.  You’ll need, red, white and blue card stock, a pencil, scissors, standard size hole puncher,  a Mickey Mouse craft punch, jute twine and your favorite form of adhesive.


creating patterns2. Create a template to use for each triangle shape flag and star.  You could easily do this using the computer, but that takes ink, so I chose to make them by hand.  The triangle is 7 1/4″ wide, by 9 1/4″ long.  The star is 4″x4″.  Once the flag template is cut, use it to make four red flags and four blue flags.   Then use your star template to make four white stars out of your white card stock.

Mickey craft punch3.  Each red flag will need ten white Mickey Mouse craft punches, so  you will need forty Mickey Mouse punches.  To make the Mickey stripes on this flag, start by measuring down from the top and marking each red flag at the following measurements: 1″, 3″, 5″, and 7″.  The top of each Mickey ears row will be in line with each mark.  Lay the Mickeys out as follows- 4 Mickeys at 1″, 3 Mickeys at 3″, 2 Mickeys at 5″ and 1 Mickey at 1″.


Glue Stick!4.  Now is the time to start adhering the Mickey’s to the red flags and the stars to the blue flags.  For placement of the stars, measure down from the top 1″ centered.  Make a small pencil mark at that spot, prepare the star to line up with the mark.  I like using my son’s craft glue stick for projects like this.  It’s a lot less expensive the scrapbooking tape and I love how it dries clear and cleans up with a little bit of water if I get it on the table.

Using Jute twine

5. Last but not least, using your hole puncher, punch a hole on the top right and left side of each flag.  Then string your twine, through the holes to connect the flags together.

Now just hang where ever you chose!  I hope you and your family enjoy a happy and safe Independence Day!



Visiting Monsters University’s Mike and Sulley at Walt Disney World

Go Monsters University!If you’re planning a Walt Disney World Resort summer vacation, you might be wondering if recent blockbuster stars, Mike and Sulley of Monsters University will be meeting with their fans at Disney’s parks. To coincide with Disney Pixar’s newest film release, Disney Parks has launched their Monstrous Summer event.  Although the word Monstrous is used in the event’s name, the event is not specifically to celebrate the new movie.  I was surprised to learn how little the event has to offer guests that are hoping to learn more about Monsters University and its scary students.

Here is a list of everything “Monsters” available for any Montrous Fan’s to experience this summer at Walt Disney World:

  • Magic Kingdom– Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor attraction located in Tomorrowland is a fun show for the whole family.  This location is NOT a formal photo opportunity spot, however Mike has been known to pop up for a meet and greet.  Note: Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is not specific to this event, as it has been open since 2007.  This attraction should be available for experiencing beyond  this summer.
  • Epcot- The Monsterail can be found riding the monorail track.  Although the Monsterail is not a new attraction it is super cool to see.  In actuality the Monsterail is a working monorail with a very creative wrap on it.
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios– Near the Backlot Tour on the Streets of America, your little Monsters can meet Mike and Sulley for a photo opportunity.  Please be prepared that Mike and Sulley only pose for photos and do not sign autographs.  In addition, each evening this summer Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be hosting The Monsters University Homecoming Celebration.  This will take place in the heart of Disney’s Hollywood Studios in front of the Sorcerer Mickey Hat beginning at 6 pm.  The celebration will involve Mike and Sulley busting moves with a monster of a DJ and fun activities for the family.

To find out more information regarding additional magical offerings during this summer at Walt Disney World, I’d recommend checking out Disney’s site to help you prepare for your visit.


If you do visit the Walt Disney World Resort this summer, I hope you have a magical vacation!  I’d love to hear how you enjoyed Disney’s Monstrous Summer event.


Monsters University Review

Monsters UniversityMonsters Inc. is one of my all time favorite films.  Twelve years after it’s theatre release, one would assume that I would be ecstatic to see it’s prequel, Monsters University.  Honestly, until last week, I had not an ounce of interest to see the film.

The Monsters Inc. character of Boo stole my heart from the moment she appeared on the screen in 2001.  I couldn’t imagine a “Monsters” film made without her.  Why would the writers even consider a prequel when a sequel could include her?   Overall, I felt the original was perfect. Why not leave the “Monsters” brand alone?

Disney does a phenomenal job at Marketing.  As I’m sure you would agree, Monsters University “stuff” is EVERYWHERE!  There is TV advertising, on-line advertising, bus wraps, children’s books in the grocery store check-out isle, toys that are front and center in every children’s store, clothing lines that have our one-eyed friend plastered all over them, an entire food product line that Kellogg’s released that is showcasing Monster’s University’s characters, and at a local park’s children’s event,  Disney even sponsored a Monster’s University activity table.  Everywhere I turned, I was bombarded with images of Mike and Sulley.

One small question to my six year old son-  ” What do you think of the new Monsters movie previews?”  and guess who was viewing Monsters University during it’s opening weekend?  I’m thrilled to report it was wonderful.

The film’s story line was as entertaining for my six year old as it was for me.  Being a mom, I was very happy with the lessons on friendship that were taught and the emphasis that was placed on being truthful, to yourself and others.  For those moms’ of children under five, I do want to note that this film was a touch scarier than Monster’s Inc., as there is a huge focus on the MU students attending the Scare Program.  The Disney Dork side of me, LOVED the many, many tie-ins with the original film and of course the guest appearance by John Ratzenberger.  I’m not going to spoil the film for you by telling you all the cool connections between Monsters Inc. and Monsters University but I will say to stay through the credits.  Pixar has a cute little ending that I was glad I had stayed to see.  It will give you an extra chuckle to take home.

Overall, I may not have left the theatre with tears in my eyes, as I did with the original film, but I did leave with a smile on my face and I was happy to have shared Monsters University with my son.


Monsters University Cupcake Creations

Cupcake Sulley and Cupcake Mike
Cupcake Sulley and Cupcake Mike

As school came to a close this June, we couldn’t be more excited to jump into a new semester at Monsters University!  My son, Gavin and I decided to design some cupcakes to look like students we might meet at MU.  Off to Wegman’s bulk candy department we went to collect our supplies before making our creations.Monster Making Supplies

With licorice, M&M’s, candy eyes, jelly beans, cashews and lots of blue, purple and green icing in hands, we were ready to create Monsters University’s newest students.  My Sulley inspired cupcake was created using cashews for horns, Wilton candy eyes and lots of blue and purple icing.  Mike’s cupcake was made using green icing, a large squirt of white icing, topped by a small squirt of blue icing and a mini brown M&M to complete his eye and his little horns were made by cutting a Jelly Belly Cream Soda jelly bean in half.  I don’t think decorating a cupcake could be any easier!

Our version of some students you might see at Monsters University
Our version of some students you might see at Monsters University

Disney Pixar movies are the most creative and inspiring films to watch.  I hope these inspired monsters will inspire you to go out and make your very own Monstrously sweet cupcakes!