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Inexpensive and Simple Valentine’s Day Craft for Children

Mickey Inspired magnets

Our school’s PTA has asked me to host an afterschool Disney-Inspired Craft class for ten first and second grade students.  I’m excited to work with these little Mousketeers!  But first, I have to come up with the craft ideas!  Today I’m sharing with you one of those ideas.  Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I decided to design a few crafts around the holiday.

These little Mickey and Minnie Mouse-Inspired heart magnets are 3″ wooden pieces that I purchased at Michael’s Craft store for 29 cents each!

Valentines magnets 007

 Using washable paint, give one heart a coat of red paint and the other a coat of pink.  Leave it dry for five minutes and clean your paint bush.  Then paint the top of the heart black for Mickey & Minnie’s ears.  Using a Q-Tip dot two spots on the bottom of the red heart for Mickey’s buttons and a bunch of dots on the bottom of the pink heart for Minnie’s polka dots.  Then let the hearts dry.  The wood really soaks in the paint so they dry relatively quickly.

Valentines magnets 006Once they’re dry, it’s time to apply the magnet to the back.  To save time, I used ProMag Magnetic Tape.  To apply all the children have to do is peel the back off and stick it to the non-painted side of the heart.

Tip: Since the tape is curved, once you’ve applied the tape it’s a good idea to place the dried hearts under a book to help flatten out the magnet.

The afterschool program consists of four sessions.  One idea done!  Now it’s time to create three more.  Any ideas you’d like to share?

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Mickey and Minnie Mouse Miniature Cupcake Treats

Miniature Mickey CupcakesA Sweet Touch of Mickey and Minnie to Make Any Moment Magical

Unless you’re Rapunzel stuck in her tower, your life is pretty busy.  You would probably love to design a pre-Disney vacation party for your family but you don’t have the time.   Here’s a perfect way to add a touch of Disney to your hectic schedule. Surprise your family with these yummy miniature Mickey and Minnie Mouse cupcakes.  This cute little pair, is not only portion controlled, but also quick to make!

I stumbled upon Nabisco’s Snack Well’s 100 Calorie Fudge Pretzels during a recent grocery trip.  As soon as I saw those miniature rings I knew I had to make miniature Mickey and Minnie Mouse cupcakes!  I doubt Nabisco would appreciate me turning their 100 calorie snacks into a litter of Mickey and Minnie inspired cupcakes, but I couldn’t help myself.

IMG_2192To Make a Miniature Mickey Mouse Cupcake

Bake your favorite chocolate cake in a mini muffin tin, apply chocolate icing to each cupcake. Open a snack bag of Snack Well’s Fudge Pretzels and pick out two pretzels that look about the same size.  Place two on the top of each cupcake.  DONE!


IMG_2193To Make a Miniature Minnie Mouse Cupcake

Bake your favorite chocolate cake in a mini muffin tin, apply vanilla icing to the cupcake.  Add Wilson’s Pink Sprinkles for Minnie’s polka dots.  Open a snack bag of Snack Well’s Yogurt Pretzels and pick out two pretzels that look about the same size.  Place two on the top of each of the cupcake.  Done!

They are so super easy to make, why wait for a special occasion?

I hope these easy-to-make cupcakes inspire you to surprise your family with a sweet touch of Disney tonight!

A Fall Minnie Mouse Mini Wreath

Minnie Mouse WreathA Minnie Touch of Fall for a Mini Book Corner

September is here!  It’s time to decorate for Fall!   My son, Gavin, inherited my love of decorating and enjoys decorating his room for the different seasons.  He’s collected quite a variety of seasonal decorations over his six big years!  This year my daughter, Victoria, is two and just like her brother, she’s discovered how exciting it is to place fun things around her room.  Looking through our fall storage bins, we soon realized that her only Fall decoration is a little Minnie Mouse Halloween Bean Bag Plush that her grandparents purchased for her last year at Walt Disney World.  This simply would not do!  Time to get crafty!

Victoria’s room has an adorable, yet décor challenging, little reading nook that was created by the slanted walls of our Cap Cod style home.  Using her Minnie Mouse plush as inspiration, I created a mini wreath to give her room a dainty touch of fall.  It was simple to make and a cute addition to her little reading nook.

Do you have a little girl’s room or a special little corner that you’d like to decorate with a pinch of fall, Disney Inspired?

 Here are the directions on how to make this Fall Minnie Mouse Mini Wreath:

  1.  Gather all your supplies: One (1)  6 inch Grapevine Wreath, Two (2) Mini Grapevine Wreaths, Floral Stem Wire, Eight (8) Fall Mini Flowers, Glue Gun w/ glue sticks, 3/8 inch ribbon, 1 inch ribbon.
  2. Using the floral stem wire, connect the two mini wreaths to the 6 inch wreath.Wreath Supplies

  3. Separate the flowers from their stems and using a glue gun, attach the flowers to the 6 inch wreath.

  4. Using the one inch ribbon and 3/8 inch ribbon, make a bow and super glue it onto Minnie’s ear.
  5. Last, cut about 12 inches of  3/8 inch ribbon and loop the ribbon around the 6 inch wreath and tie in a knot.  Using the ends of the ribbon, knot it again to create your loop to hang the finished wreath.

Mini Minnie WreathThe Fall season is one of my favorite seasons to decorate.  The deep rich hues of purple, gold, and amber bring such warmth into a home.  Have you started to decorate for Fall in your home yet?  If so, is it Disney Inspired?

I’d love for you to share your Disney Inspired Fall Décor ideas!


Magical Birthday Portraits

ZellersAdd a touch of magic to your child’s birthday portrait this year by incorporating their birthday party theme into the photo.

It’s your baby’s birthday!  You’ve started planning his birthday party months in advance.  You’ve fretted about things like the color of the plastic spoons.  Pinterest has become your best friend, as you spend hours every evening pinning party décor ideas.  Have you given this much time and thought to your child’s birthday portrait?

The party day has arrived and you’re running around making sure there is enough ice in the ice bucket.  Then you blink your eyes and somehow the day is over.  Everyone had a blast and you sit down to look at the photos you’ve taken…or didn’t have time to take.  If you’re lucky enough to have a friend or family member that is willing to help, and has a good camera, assign her to photography duty.  Believe me, you’ll be pleased that you did.  However, with all the activity at the party, there is no way to get a portrait of your child that symbolizes this unforgettable year of their life.

Take some time to think about why you chose your child’s birthday party theme.  Most likely it was because your child lights up the moment he sees Mickey Mouse or maybe she goes running to the TV the second she hears the voice of Mickey Mouse and starts dancing to The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song.  These are moments that I know I never want to forget and I’m certain you don’t want to either.  Incorporate those “magical moments” into your child’s portrait.

For example, if you read my blog post yesterday I shared with you my daughter’s first birthday party. It was themed Mickey and Minnie’s Flower and Garden Birthday.  At the end of the party Victoria handed out Minnie Mouse Inspired “Now Sew” flowers to all of the female guests.  I’ll never forget how she loved the flowers and enjoyed handing them out.  She had more fun doing that than participating in any activity that I had planned for her that day.  Since I had her portrait taken after the party, I made sure I brought a few of them along for her to play with during the photo shoot.

After your child’s party is over, look around at the décor that you purchased or made for the special day.  Before discarding think about selecting a few key items for your child’s birthday portrait.  The Minnie Mouse prop showing her name in her birthday portrait, was used as part of directional signage at her birthday party.  For my son Gavin’s second birthday, he had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party and his love of airplane started that year too.  The toy airplane, that can be seen in his portrait, was his favorite toy during the entire second year of his life.  Gavin is six now and still loves planes.  The toy is no longer in our home, but because of this portrait I will never forget that was the year his love for Mickey Mouse and airplanes began.

Every photography studio that I’ve used has welcomed extra props, especially if they engage your child.  I’ve taken props into places like Portrait Innovations and Picture People and they’ve easily used the props in the pictures.  However, the most special moments in my children’s lives, like the ones you see here, I bring Gavin and Victoria to a Fine Arts Studio.  The quality of the prints are archival and the individual attention that my children have received make a huge difference in the sincerity of the image.  The photographs in this post are courtesy of Kaiser Fine Photography.  Owner Cheryl Kaiser has been my “go to” photographer for very special moments in my children’s lives.  Her ability to capture a moment in time and have it speak volumes is amazing.  I’ll forever cherish these photographs.


This year when planning your child’s birthday party remember to plan out their birthday portrait too.  You probably already have the props and they are ready to create Portrait Magic!

To see more Kaiser Fine Photography portraits, visit Cheryl on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/KaiserFinePhoto