Countdown to disney on monorailMy little Mousketeers LOVE the Monorail.  As the Magical Express Bus takes us from the airport to our resort, my children yell “Monorail!” as soon as they see one from the window of our bus.  Upon seeing the monorail, our vacation has officially started.  So, this year when planning our trip to Walt Disney World, I created a Countdown to Disney that included the monorail.  My six-year-old and two-year old helped me set it up and let me say, you would have sworn we were setting up the monorail under our Christmas tree.  Both kids were so excited!

If you’d like to do this project with your children, it’s a lot of fun.  I put it all together for you as a Free Printable!  All you’ll need is white cardstock, a pencil to trace, scissor to cut our your monorail beams, a hole puncher, ribbon, Velcro spots, and maybe a few pieces of tape. Also, you need space to hang it!   I think it would be perfect in a child’s room.  Our home is a Cape Cod style so the kids’ rooms have slanted walls. I ended up turning our dining room wall into a monorail station for a month.  Thank goodness I have an understanding husband that puts up with all of my Disney crafting!

To get started, print out the monorail and monorail beam templates.

Click here for the template:  Monorail Countdown

1. Cut out the Monorail beam templates.

2. Alternating track styles, trace and cut out one beam per day of your countdown.  Then number each accordingly.

3. Hole punch the ends of the beams.

4. Connect the beams by stringing ribbon through the hole punches.

5. Cut out the monorail.  I laminated it too, since we would be using it for a month.

6. Adhere Velcro onto the back of the Monorail and onto each of the beams.

7. Print out the castle to place at the end of your track!

Click here for the castle printout: Cinderella castle

I didn’t create the Cinderella Castle artwork and would love to give the artist credit.  However, I found the image listed as free clip art, with no additional information.

If you and your kids love the monorail like we do, then I hope you and your family take a moment to make a Monorail Countdown for your family’s next Walt Disney World Vacation!


8 Comments on Using the Monorail to Countdown to Your Walt Disney World Vacation {Free Printable}

  1. I have seen MANY many countdowns and have done a few myself but this is a first and totally unique! Well done! I make perfect sense too… duh, why didn’t I think of it?!?! Excellent! Our next trip this fall is a Disney cruise so this countdown won’t make much sense but will pin for a late trip to world or land (crossing fingers!).
    I was wondering, how long was your track? My guess would be 15 or 30 days as I’m sure it would take up a lot of wall space!

  2. Thank you Jordan! Our track is actually 30 pieces. Yes, it takes up the length of our wall! Luckily, my husband is understanding of my Disney crafting. I think a two week countdown would also be perfect.

    • James, thank you for stopping today. My dining room is pretty small and we fit it. When it comes to Disney I always say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” And boy do we love the monorail! Thanks again for visiting the blog James!

    • Thank you Bonita! We LOVE the monorail in our home and my kids loved moving the monorail each day before going to Disney. When there we enjoy visiting the monorail resorts, including the Grand- what a beautiful resort! I hope to share some photos and a post on the new DVC resort at the Grand Floridian in the near future.

    • We love the monorail too! We had a lot of fun counting down with the monorail. I hope you do too! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and I hope you have a magical day :)

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