Cruella de Vil cupcakeLook Out For Cruella Cupcakes!

From her hair to her style, Cruella de Vil is hard not to love.  Pair her with tons of sweet spotted puppies and talk about a fantastically evil cupcake!

This Halloween season on the blog you’ll find tutorials for my favorite Disney Villain Inspired cupcakes!  Here’s how to make this wickedly sweet Cruella de Vil cupcake.

  1. Start by making white cake cupcakes.  I found awesome zebra print baking cups made by Wilton and thought instantly of Cruella.  If you don’t want to purchase these, black baking cups will work.Cruela Devil 001
  2. Once the cupcakes have cooled you’ll need your leaf decorating tip and black and white icing.  I’ve never had success with trying to make my own black icing, so I took the simple route and used Wilton’s black decorating icing tube and their leaf decorating tip.  They worked perfectly.
  3. Outline half of the cupcake in black icing. Fill in the semi-circle with a base coat of icing.  This will give the icing “hair” some height.Cruela Devil 005
  4. Attach the leaf decorating tip to your icing tube, or icing bag filled with icing.  At a 90 degree angle apply icing by allowing icing to pool then release the pressure on the icing bag as you pull the tip straight up.  This will create Cruella’s crazy hair effect.  Continue to do this until the entire semi-circle is full of hair spikes.
  5. Repeat Step 4 with white icing.Cruela Deville

If you love Disney’s Villains, watch out for more Villain cupcake tutorials to appear this spooky season!

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