FrozenDo you have plans to see Frozen this holiday season?

Due to an early dismissal day at school yesterday, Gavin, my six-year-old and I spent this afternoon in the theater watching Disney’s latest movie release, Frozen.  Determined not to be influenced by other reviews, I made sure not to read anything Frozen related that came my way before seeing the movie.  Of course I couldn’t avoid the marketing campaign Disney put out there, so I did hear that one critic pronounced Frozen to be the best Disney film since The Lion King…pretty big shoes to fill.  Regardless, this review is my thoughts, as a mom and a Disney Enthusiast, typed out for you to read.  I am not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company.  Having said that, on with my review.

My Thoughts As Mom

As a mom of two small children, I’d recommend seeing Frozen and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase the movie to add to our DVD collection.  Much like other Disney animated films, it was a beautiful movie with adorable, strong fun-loving characters.  If you have a little princess in your home, she’s going to love this film and the new dresses she’ll be adding to her wardrobe. On a serious note, the lessons taught within the film are those that we all want our children to know and exercise.  Family is important and sacrificing for those we love is how we all should live our lives.  The acceptance of differences in others will lead to true happiness for everyone and being selfish only results in exclusion and misery.

My Thoughts as a Disney Enthusiast

As a Disney Enthusiast,  I enjoyed the film but didn‘t leave the theater ready to purchase another ticket to see it again.  The film’s storyline played out in classic Disney format with the use of music.  The soundtrack was playful, but at times heart wrenching.  The songs were fun and a bit more trendy than I expected.    However, one major detail jumped out at me.  Idina Menzel , whom voiced Elsa, the Queen,  previously voiced The Wicked Witch of the West in the Broadway musical rendition of Wicked.  Anytime Disney chooses an actor who’s voice is to give life to a character, I feel that it should be a voice that the new character could own.     As soon as Idina’s beautiful voice hit my ears I couldn’t get her other role out of my head.  It was a huge disappointment for me since the two characters are so different.  I feel that the association of the Wicked Witch to Elsa was then formed in my head and it was hard not to allow the association mold my feelings about Elsa.

The animation was exquisite. There were moments in the film where not only are you saying, “Wow”, but the animated characters are too!  The landscapes were nothing short of magical.  The sisters, Elsa and Anna could easily be told apart, due to their hair, skin coloring and mannerisms.  However, I’m disappointed in what I call Disney’s new “bowling ball head” animation.  Soon after Disney and Pixar joined forces, the change happened.  Now I feel as if every female character in a Disney or Pixar film looks as if they are related to the Incredible family.  From Merida in Brave, to Mrs. Fredrickson in Up and now Elsa and Anna, they all appear to be long-lost family.  Maybe I’m being too harsh, but take a look at all of the princesses before Merida and they have distinguishing features and characteristics that make them relatable in the real world.  Don’t get me wrong, the film’s animation was breathtaking, fabulous, and outstanding but I’m being honest when I’m harshly reviewing the human animation.

The storyline was surprising.  I immediately fell in love with the two sisters and had tears in my eyes within the first twenty minutes.  The character development of the two sisters was perfect.  It was wonderful to see a storyline based on sibling love and fantastic to watch a “not-so-typical” fairytale ending.   However, there were moments that  I felt like the movie was rushed.  At the end of Frozen my son said, “That was short.”  I agree.  Although the length of the film wasn’t short (103 minutes which is actually 3 minutes longer than Tangled), we left feeling as if there could have been more.

So, is Frozen as good as The Lion King?

I’m not sold on that statement.  Frozen is a good film and both my son and I enjoyed it.  But I would not place it in the same room as The Little Mermaid ( also a story line inspired by a Hans Christian Anderson story), Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin or The Lion King.



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