Up Inspired Preschool ArtA week and a half after Easter and my family is still consuming candy.

Yesterday was a rainy cold day, so Victoria and I were stuck inside with “the candy”.  Of course I visited the candy shelf in the pantry.  After devouring a few candy Kisses, I decided to stop the cavity-causing madness by choosing to take some of that candy and use it for creating a bit of Disney Pixar-Inspired art.  Looking at our big bag of jelly beans I couldn’t help but think of the beautiful balloons in Disney Pixar’s movie “Up”.  “Up” is a movie that can be seen on The Disney Channel quite often, so it’s one that both of my kids know and enjoy.  When I asked my two and a half-year old daughter, Victoria, if she wanted to work on an “Up” project, she was ready to start that very moment.  The project took us about 15 minutes to complete which included looking for glue, finding the brown and blue crayons and taking a few pictures.  It was the perfect amount of time for Victoria to stay engaged in the task.  It was an added bonus that we had the chance to talk about the different jelly bean colors while she worked on her gluing.  Here’s a brief photo tutorial of our Pixar-Inspired Preschool Art.

Up Project

We started with a heavy weight white piece of card stock.  I wouldn’t recommend using regular copy paper.  It won’t be thick enough to support the glue needed to hold the jelly beans.

Disney's "Up" Jelly Bean Project

Mommy assisted with the outline of the house and helped her fill in some of the coloring.  Otherwise, she could call it her own.  She was so proud giving it to her big brother after school.

"Up" Inspired Preschool Project

We allowed the artwork to dry for three hours before the big unveil.  By that time our tacky glue had dried clear and the jelly beans were secured.

Upon seeing Victoria’s artwork, big brother Gavin announced it was the best artwork she had ever done.  Victoria had a huge smile.  And I smiled when he asked, “Can I eat the jelly beans now?” and I responded, “Sorry, they’re glued on.”  Up, up and away go the jelly beans!


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