Big Hero 6 cupcakeThis past weekend my son, Gavin, and I saw Disney’s newest film, “Big Hero 6.” We loved it! Baymax was Gavin’s favorite hero. A funny robot with a kindness that’s pure with selflessness, Baymax has won my heart too.

When I mentioned to Gavin I’d like to make Baymax cupcakes, he jumped right into helping me. He and I created these simple Baymax-inspired cupcakes.  I’m proud to say that the design of the cupcakes came from Gavin’s suggestion and I think they came out adorable!

I started with a basic white cupcake in a Wilton white baking cup.

Baymax cupcakes  Next I applied white icing to each cupcake.

Baymax cupcakes

Using a spatula Gavin helped me smooth out the icing.

Baymax cupcakes

Using two brown M & M pieces and black licorice, we added Baymax’s eyes.

Baymax Cupcake

It’s that simple!  It took more time to divide the brown chocolate candies than to decorate the cupcakes!


 Did you see Disney’s “Big Hero 6” yet?  Which hero was your favorite?

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    • Hi Angie! Thank you for the compliment. I have to admit that I used white frosting out of a tub! After icing the cupcakes, I let them sit for an hour (until the frosting hardened a touch) and then used a spatula to flatten them on top. The Baymax cupcakes are as simple as you could get! Thanks for visiting the blog! I hope to have some new Disney-inspired treat tutorials to share soon, so I hope you’ll stop back again.

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