Little Mermaid Sea Shell cupcakes

“New Seashells?”

That famous line squawked by Ariel’s feathered friend, Skuttle, made my cupcake design decision simple for my daughter’s Little Mermaid-inspired birthday party. With the use of Wilton brand seashell chocolate mold, making these cupcakes were three-steps simple!

Today I’ll share a quick photo tutorial of how to make these yummy sea-side treats.

You’ll need the following items before you get started.

  • 24 cupcakes cooled and ready for icing
  • ¬†white icing
  • Wilton large open star icing tip (I used tip 1M)
  • purple seashell chocolates (made from the above mentioned mold)
  • 1 box of cinnamon graham crackers
  • sealing gallon size storage bag
  • rolling-pin

Step 1: Using your over-sized open star tip, create an ocean foam-like topping by pointing your tip and piping bag of icing straight at the center of your cupcake, squeeze the bag and allow the large star to develop into a hefty amount of icing that resembles ruffles at the edges.

beach themed cupcakes

Step 2: Place half of your box of graham cracker sheets into a gallon sized storage bag. Zip close the bag and use a rolling-pin to crush the crackers, creating your sand. Once half the crackers are crushed, add the remaining crackers to the bag and roll away! Once all the crackers are crushed, sprinkle all of the cupcakes with the crumbs. Before moving to the last step, take a minute to shake off the excess crumbs.

Beach cupcake

Step 3: Add your purple seashell and starfish chocolates. That’s it!


Super simple and oh-so-yummy, the combination of graham crackers, vanilla icing and cake is delicious and the presentation is perfect for any beach themed get-together, including my daughter’s Little Mermaid inspired birthday party!

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Until next time, I hope your days are magical!