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Simple “Big Hero 6” Cupcakes

Big Hero 6 cupcakeThis past weekend my son, Gavin, and I saw Disney’s newest film, “Big Hero 6.” We loved it! Baymax was Gavin’s favorite hero. A funny robot with a kindness that’s pure with selflessness, Baymax has won my heart too.

When I mentioned to Gavin I’d like to make Baymax cupcakes, he jumped right into helping me. He and I created these simple Baymax-inspired cupcakes.  I’m proud to say that the design of the cupcakes came from Gavin’s suggestion and I think they came out adorable!

I started with a basic white cupcake in a Wilton white baking cup.

Baymax cupcakes  Next I applied white icing to each cupcake.

Baymax cupcakes

Using a spatula Gavin helped me smooth out the icing.

Baymax cupcakes

Using two brown M & M pieces and black licorice, we added Baymax’s eyes.

Baymax Cupcake

It’s that simple!  It took more time to divide the brown chocolate candies than to decorate the cupcakes!


 Did you see Disney’s “Big Hero 6” yet?  Which hero was your favorite?

Flying High with a Pizza Pie Planes Party! {Free Printable Menu Cards & More}

Planes Pizza Party

Are you going to see Disney Planes Fire & Rescue this weekend?  We’ll be there!

To say my son, Gavin loves airplanes, would be an understatement.  There isn’t a day that goes by when discussing planes or something that flies isn’t part of our conversation and aviation is a staple in almost every play activity.  This seven-year-old boy goes through flying toys as if he’s changing clothing.  It’s not because he doesn’t take care of his toys, he wears them out or the plane gets stuck in a tree.  With the movie release of Disney Planes last year (see my review here), Gavin’s love of airplanes unbelievably grew and he immediately started asking when Planes Fire & Rescue would be in the theater.  Well, the movie release week has finally arrived!

To celebrate this exciting event I put together a couple “Free Printable” Planes-inspired items that I created and party planning tips to help you host a Pre-Show “Flying High with a Pizza Pie” Planes Party for your little aviators and their friends!

 Planes Themed Pizza!

planes pizza menu

There are so many different types of pizza that you can have at a pizza party!  Try offering the kids specialty pizza and place these silly menu cards close by.  It’ll give young readers a chuckle or two before choosing their pizza.

  • Chicken Wing-man Pizza
  • Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo Flying Pizza
  • Ham & Cheesy Flight Attendants Pizza
  • Pepperoni Pie In The Sky Pizza
  • Flying High Cheese Pizza Pie

I’ve created this set of FREE printable pizza party menu cards for you to use. (For Personal Use Only)  Simply print the Planes Pizza Party file (found below) on white card stock, cut the orange and blue colored cards out and fold along the white line.

Click on the Planes “Pizza Party Menu Cards” link for the five piece printable menu cards.

Planes Pizza Party Menu Cards


Planes cupcakesI made these Planes-inspired cupcakes for my son’s birthday party last year.  Check out the super simple cloud icing tutorial for these soaring cupcakes here!

Dusty cookie popsAnother Planes-inspired dessert option are these Dusty Cookie Pops.  You can see my simple tutorial here!

Decor! {Free Printable Template}

Now that you’ve got the food covered, time to decorate the food table! Add a simple planes garland to the front of your food table, to complete your pizza party table.

Airplane Garland template

You can download the airplane template here!

 Trace the template on orange and blue card stock for the airplanes to match the menu cards.  Then add blue and orange table wear and your party will be soaring!

Still looking for more Planes party ideas?

Check out my son’s planes-themed birthday party here!

Check In Desk (Presents!)

Now you’re ready to have the perfect Pre-show Planes-inspired Pizza Party!  Enjoy your party and then off to show!

Princess Belle Inspired Party: Decor, Activities and Party Favors

Princess Belle Inspired Birthday Party

Experiences Make Magical Memories

When I plan a party, I do my best to have all aspects of the party designed to compliment each other and tell the story of the party theme.  With every turn, I try to submerge the guests in the theme of the day. Today I’m concluding my recap of my daughter’s Princess Belle inspired party by sharing with you the decor, activities and party favors. I’ve included them all in the same post, as it’s often the case that the decor of the party is part of an activity or a guest favor.  For example, for this party, instead of handing out traditional favor bags for the children to take home, I planned two themed activities where the kids received the “favors” as part of an activity. At my daughter’s Princess Belle birthday party we had a total of 12 children attending, eight boys and four girls.  The ages of the four girls were four, three and (2) one year old girls, so although the party was for a birthday GIRL, boys ruled most of this day.  Needless to say, having a princess tea party wasn’t the best option for this party.  I looked to Belle’s dad, Maurice, for some help.

Maurice’s Workshop

Princess Belle Inspired Birthday Party ~ Activities ~ Maurice Workshop

At Maurice’s Workshop each child had the opportunity to build a wooden bird house.  At the end of the day, our little guests took home their caddy from this project, complete with safety glasses, magnifying glass, and measuring tape.  I purchased the items inexpensively at the dollar store and from the Oriental Trading company magazine.  Here’s a look at my son’s finished bird house.

Maurice Workshop Kids Activity

 Story time with Princess Belle

How could we have a Princess Belle inspired birthday party without Belle making an appearance to wish the birthday girl a happy birthday?  Originally I wasn’t planning this activity, BUT Victoria’s big brother, Gavin announced while planning the party that Belle would “probably show up”.  Well, with Victoria hearing those words, she believed it was going to happen.  So what was a mom to do?  I visited a local costume shop called Taney’s ( http://www.taneyscostumeshop.com/ ) hoping to find Belle two weeks before the party.  Score!  Even better, when I asked if the owner knew someone who could play Belle for the party, he recommend a local high school theater student named Ally.  This was Ally’s first time playing Belle for a birthday party.  I’m so happy she agreed!  The moment my daughter saw Belle her birthday experience turned into pure magic!

Princess Belle Inspired Birthday PartyBelle read the story of Beauty and the Beast to the children at the party.  When she was done, she presented Victoria with the book.  Each of the children attending received a personalized gift from Belle, which was a story book tailored to the child’s interests.  Even boys like Belle when she hands out gifts!

Victoria's Belle Birthday Party 096

Decor that doubles as guest favors

Guests were invited to pull up a chair and grab a book while dining in the “Beast’s Library.”  If you’ve seen the animated film, then you know that Belle loves to read.  Our local library has used book sales often.  I stopped into the library, told them about the party and they helped me find the most wonderful classic books in mint condition.  They were exactly what I was looking for to showcase Belle throughout the party, without putting Disney’s animated image of her on everything.  Lesson learned:  Never underestimate the power of a yard sale find when  your planning a party.

Princess Belle Inspired Birthday Party ~ Favors and DecorEach family attending the party was sent home with one of the small photograph frames you see in the above photo.  The frames invited adult guests to browse and take home a few of Beast’s books.   Underneath the framed statement was a photograph of the birthday girl in her yellow dress that she wore at the party.  Again, these weren’t expensive favors, since I found them for $1 a piece, but they were a simple reminder of Victoria’s special day.

When planning any party, I recommend checking your Dollar store and dollar bins at your favorite stores before purchasing any party supplies.  You’ll be amazed at the inspiration you can find.

 Belle Birthday Party

 As the adults gathered up their children at the end of the party, Victoria really enjoyed handing out little chocolate roses in miniature treat boxes.  The tags read,  “Thank you for being my Guest.  Love, Victoria”.

Here’s a tip you may not be aware of: Solid chocolate candy, when kept at a cool temperature, can last a really long time before going bad.  I found our chocolate rose candies on clearance after Valentine’s Day.  It was the only thing I purchased a head of time!  However, the candy was still fresh the day of her party.  Talk about a money saver!

Last but not least, if you’re planning a Princess Belle party, here’s a decor tutorial gift for you!

 Belle Birthday Party ~ Dessert table decor

“Be Our Guest” inspired dinner plate garland tutorial

Does your daughter have a Belle tea set?  Each set includes saucers.  To make this super simple and cute table garland, take one of the saucers to your scanner and scan it.  Edit the image by increasing the contrast just a touch so the highlights jump out at you and the colors become more vibrant.  Increase the size of the image until the plate almost touches the sides of an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of white card stock paper.  Then print and cut out the plates!  I also traced the plates onto a thicker piece of card stock and add it to the pack of the plate.  This made it stronger and also allowed me the ability to glue the ribbon for the garland between the back and front of each plate.  Talk about a quick and inexpensive way to make the dessert table pop!

Victoria's Belle Birthday Party

I hope this review of the decor, activities and party favors gave you a few new ways to look at designing your parties!    One thing that I learned during the party…if it’s Victoria’s birthday party, make sure that the sugar cookie icing is yummy and a successful party is in bag!



Princess Belle Birthday Celebration ~ $5 Chalkboard Wreath Tutorial

Victoria's Belle Birthday Party 010

“Be Our Guest” at my daughter’s Princess Belle themed birthday party!

My daughter’s Princess Belle themed birthday party was this past Saturday.  I’m thrilled to say she had a wonderful time AND it didn’t rain!  Talk about a success!  I can’t wait to share the details of her special day with you.  Over the next week, you can look forward to posts where I’ll share the Beauty and Beast themed food, desserts, decor, activities and party favors.  Of course I have to throw in a tutorial post or two, so today I’ll begin the party by sharing with you a quick tutorial on the welcome sign that our guests saw as they arrived.

Chalkboard signage has been hot for the last few years and I’ve been looking for just the right opportunity to make one.  Since Be Our Guest is an iconic phrase sang in the film, “Beauty and the Beast”, I felt that Be Our Guest worked as a perfect greeting message for our arriving guests.  I decided to marry the partnership of a welcome sign with the phrase by utilizing a chalk board inside of a wreath.  However, I wanted to complete it inexpensively and quickly.  I gathered the following dollar store and craft store items and went to work.

Be Our Guest signage supplies

 The key to this project is the black foam-core board that the items are laying on in the photo above.

I found the black foam-core board at our local Dollar Tree store!  Black foam core looks exactly like a chalk board and chalk presents well on it too. I chose to use foam-core because it was a simple solution to get the project done quickly.  It’s important to know that you can’t put any amount of water on foam-core and expect it to wipe completely clean without destroying the surface.  I used a dry tissue to wipe off some minor mistakes, but it didn’t return to the crisp clean state that I started out with.  Lesson to be learned:  Make sure you know what you’re going to write before you start!

Be Our Guest wreath supplies Here’s an overview of how I completed the wreath.

The frame, purchased from Michael’s craft store as a double set for around $2 (with a coupon) was painted yellow and allowed it to dry.  While drying I hot glued on the dollar store pink rose buds on to the Target store grapevine wreath (found in their dollar bins) and measured the opening in my frame.  I cut a piece of the foam core just a few centimeters larger than the opening and hot glued it to the back of the painted wooden frame.  That’s it!

 Next the lettering!

Be Our Guest wreath supplies

Writing on black foam core was incredibly easy and the chalk that I used made the writing very clean.  You can use an average piece of chalk, but I decided to purchase the Allary set that is pictured above. The set was a bit pricey at $8.99 (Amazon), so my $5 calculation for the wreath price does not include the chalk.  However,  I absolutely love the set and can’t wait to use the other colors!

Here’s the finished piece as it greeted guests on Saturday.

Victoria's Belle Birthday Party 007

I hope you’ll be MY Guest this week as I share more Beauty and the Beast themed details of my daughter’s special day.

Up next, the dining room proudly presents- you’re dinner…or in our case lunch!


Donald Duck Cupcakes

Donald Duck birthday blog hop

Happy Birthday Donald Duck!

Today, I’m so excited to be participating in a Birthday Blog Hop for my favorite hot-headed feathered friend.  Let’s get this party started with some Donald Duck inspired cupcakes!

Donald Duck cupcakes

 Are you ready to start celebrating?  Here’s a photo tutorial on how to make these super simple Donald Duck inspired cupcakes, including a printable hat template.

Since Donald has white feathers, I chose to make white cake cupcakes.  After baking and cooling, I iced them in a simple swirl formation by starting on the outside of the cupcake and making my way to the center.  After one swirl, I made a second swirl on top to give it height.

Donald Duck cupcake 020At this point (pun intended), my son walked into the room and said, “Cool Mommy, you made Donald Duck butts!”

I have to admit, I agreed with him.  They do look like Donald’s butt.  If you’d like to celebrate Donald’s birthday today and you’re pressed for time, then I’m certain you’ll get a chuckle or two from your kids when you present them with Donald Duck butts after school today.

However, if you’d like to make the cupcakes I featured at the beginning of this post, let’s continue to the next step.

Donald Duck cupcake 002

Print out this Donald Duck template below and trace it on a piece of blue card-stock.  You’ll need two hats for each cupcake.

Donald Duck Hat Template

Donald Duck cupcake 003

Hot glue a toothpick and a piece of black ribbon to each hat.

Donald Duck cupcake 005

Add a second Donald hat on top with another dab or two of hot glue.

Donald Duck cupcake 009


Donald’s hat is now complete and it’s time to move onto his bow-tie.

Using red candy melts in a squeeze bottle, pipe bow-ties on wax paper.  To keep my ties consistent, I drew a bow-tie on a piece of paper and used it as a template under the wax paper to trace with chocolate.  Allow the chocolate to fully dry before placing them on your iced cupcakes.

Donald Duck cupcake bowties

Isn’t he such a dapper duck?

Donald Duck cupcake

Happy Birthday Donald!

Don’t let the party stop here!  Visit the other blogs on this Donald Duck Birthday Blog Hop for more fun!