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Walt Disney’s connection to Dr. Seuss

This photo was taken from
This photo was taken from

This Monday, March 3rd is Read Across America Day.

Read Across America Day coincides each year at or around the birth date of Dr. Seuss, born Theodor Seuss Geisel on March 2, 1904.  On this special day the nation will celebrate and inspire the joy of reading throughout schools and communities with the help of his brilliant books.  As with the majority of parents and teachers,  we’ve read many of Dr. Seuss’s famous rhyming masterpieces dozen of times to our children.  My son, Gavin, even had a Cat in the Hat themed birthday party when he turned five.  And I’m certain that most of you reading this could recite the first page and more without even looking at the book!

Now on to the Disney history…

In 1927 Theodore Geisel married Helen Marion Palmer.  They had met while attending Oxford University together.  Helen is credited for encouraging him to focus on being an artist for profession instead of his original plans, which were to be an English teacher.  What is unknown to most of Dr. Seuss’s fans is that Helen was a successful author herself.  During WWII Palmer was the author for several Walt Disney story books including Donald Duck Sees South America and several Song of the South related books Being part of the 1940s decade of Disney history, her authored stories for Walt Disney have become quite valuable.     

This photo was taken from
This photo was taken from

For Read Across America Day I’m excited to share with you one of the books she authored with Walt Disney.  Look forward to seeing that right here on the blog next week!  In the meantime, if you’re planning on celebrating Read Across America Day I’d love to share with you some photos of my son’s Cat in the Hat themed birthday party.  There are a few simple and cute ideas that you could use to celebrate Dr. Seuss and his books throughout the week!  Please excuse the quality of the photos since the party was two years ago and I never thought that I would use them on a blog!

The Candy Buffet

The candy buffet was filled with red and blue treats to honor the Cat’s hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Such color themed items were red Swedish fish, red and white striped mints, red and white chocolates, in addition to blue raspberry gummy treats, blue rock candy, blue cotton candy and a blue and white swirled lollipop tree. Each guest was given a empty treat box to fill up with their treats of choice before going home.


Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes

These cupcakes were incredibly simple to put together.  I give most of the credit to Weis grocery store.  I asked them to put an extra amount of blue icing on the top of the cupcakes for the Things’ hair.  All I had to do was add candy eyes, wrap them in a red cupcake wrapper and add on the Thing 1 and Thing 2 circles.


Cat in the Hat’s Marshmallow and Chocolate Hat Pops

To make this treat I used two regular sized marshmallows, which I put a pretzel stick through and then dipped in white chocolate to keep them together.  After that was complete I dipped the top third in red chocolate and allowed it to cool.  While it was hardening, I piped a white chocolate base and allowed that to cool.  At this time, if you want the pop effect you have to insert a cookie pop stick into the chocolate base while it’s still warm.  Hold it in place for a few moments while it hardens.  Once the marshmallow’s red chocolate had hardened I dipped the opposite side in red and placed it to the white chocolate base while it was warm.  This part is a bit tricky if you have them on a stick.  It’s much easier if you omit the stick!


Crafts and Reading

The kids attending Gavin’s party started their time at the craft table.  They each made a Cat in the Hat’s Hat pencil holder.  They were made with the use of a can hug, card stock and construction paper.  This craft idea came from a Michael’s Craft Store that hosted a craft for Dr. Seuss’s birthday earlier that year.  I also printed a bunch of age appropriate activity sheets with questions regarding Dr. Seuss books.  At the table next to the craft area were all of the books that the kids could read or look through to find the answers if needed.


The Cat in The Hat Placemats

Each child had a custom-made placemat to use at the “Kids Table”.  I created them by mounting pages from the storybook onto cardstock and then laminating them.

2012 202


The kids played two games- Pin the Extra Hat on the Cat and Catch Thing 1 and Thing 2.

DSCF9168DSCF9222Pin the Hat is self-explanatory.  However to Catch Thing 1 and Thing 2, we blew up blue balloons and wrote 1 and 2 on separate balloons.  The kids worked in teams of two and captured each balloon Thing with the use of a net and then locked them outside of the room.  It was a contest between the teams to see who could capture them first.  The kids loved popping the Things once it was over!

Photo Op

To end the day each child had a photo taken with the birthday boy, of course posing as Thing 1 and Thing 2.

DSCF9160I hope these photos inspire you to add a bit of extra fun into Read Across America day on Monday.  Don’t forget to stop by the blog next week to check out my vintage Disney find by Helen Palmer!

Disney Infinity Party Planning

Disney Infinity 017Do your kids love Disney Infinity?

My son, Gavin, is a HUGE Disney Infinity fan. I have to admit that I enjoy playing the game with him, although with my lack of good gaming skills I just hold him back!  One of the things that I really like about the game is the creative side known as the “Toy Box” mode.  Seeing Gavin create a world of his own is a pretty cool experience.  It’s amazing to watch his six-year-old mind inventing before my eyes.

As you could probably guess, when I asked what kind of party theme he would like to have for his upcoming birthday, Gavin instantly said, “Disney Infinity!”  Unfortunately it’s not an easy task to be able to set up enough game systems for his entire class to play together.  So another theme was chosen for the party that he’ll invite his classmates to attend.  And in addition we will have a small party on the day of his birthday with his grandparents where he can challenge them to an afternoon of Disney Infinity game play.

Even though it will be a small gathering, I still want the afternoon to have a festive feel so of course I’ve started to look for Disney Infinity party supplies. If you’re trying to find them too, let me save you some time and tell you, I can’t find a thing created by Disney!  So I’ve started making my own and thought I’d share how with you.

First, let me start by telling you that the images that I’m using are the property of Disney.  I am using them solely for the purpose of decorating my son’s party.  I don’t sell the party supplies, but I will tell you how I made them, so you could do the same for your child’s party too.

So here’s what I worked on last night…

Cupcake Garland

Disney Infinity 010The card on the bottom of the above photo came as part of the original game set.  What’s super cool about this card is that it can be easily used for so many different decorating ideas.  The bottom of the card has an open area that is perfect to use for personalization.  All you have to do is scan it into your computer, insert the picture into Publisher, add a text box and then you can add your child’s name, or whatever birthday message that you’d like!  The font I used is called Captain America and I used the eye dropper tool on Mr. Incredible’s shirt to get the right color match for the font.  Then I hole punched the personalized cards and laced ribbon through them.  I plan on using red ribbon, not the green featured in the photo.  Once the cupcakes are made, I’ll attach each end of the RED ribbon to red and white straws and insert them into cupcakes.

Party Garland

Disney Infinity 021Every Infinity character comes with a card like the one in the top right corner of the photo above .  I’m in the process of scanning each card into my computer and resizing them for a party garland.  It a simple, yet perfect way to add a touch of Infinity to our little gathering.

These are two of the ideas that I worked on last night and I’ll share more as I continue to work on Gavin’s two different parties.  Did you notice on Facebook what Gavin’s other party theme is? And I also have a little princess turning three years old soon too.  YAY- Parties!!!

Look for many Disney-Inspired party planning posts coming up in the near future!

Our Disney Wedding

img019Look close in this photo and you’ll see a Disney Prince and Princess.

(Hint:  They’re on the glasses!)

The number one day of the year that couples get engaged is Valentine’s Day.  With Valentine’s Day behind us, now is the time when “brides and grooms-to-be” start thinking about planning their weddings.  This May, my husband and I will celebrate our ten year anniversary.  I can’t believe how time flies!  Looking back on our planning process I remember how important it was to me to have Disney touches sprinkled throughout our day.  Gary and I met while working at Walt Disney World.  I often tell people that I met my Prince Charming at Disney and took him back to Pennsylvania!  So of course, when deciding on a theme for our wedding, I looked no further than the movie Cinderella.  Like most little girls, I spent many of my childhood days dreaming of being Cinderella and marrying my Prince Charming.  Since my fiancé didn’t have the same childhood connection to Cindy, I kept the Disney references understated.  I wanted to accent the day with Disney, not make the day into a spectacle of Disney pageantry.  Today I thought I’d share with you the simple Disney-Inspired wedding touches from our wedding day.

Disney-Inspired Ceremony Touch

img021Our adorable Flower Girl, Vanessa, carried a soft brown bear that was sporting a miniature set of Mickey Ears.  What’s truly wonderful is that Vanessa is turning 13 years old this year and she still has this bear!

Disney-Inspired Reception Touches

img023Our wedding song was a remake of “So This is Love” from Disney’s Cinderella.  I love the simple lyrics of this song and since most, if not all the guests had no idea it was taken from the movie, it made the song personal to Gary and I.

Disney-Inspired Dancing

img022Gary and I took dance lessons before our wedding and learned to Waltz like a proper Disney Prince and Princess.  We practiced for months before our wedding day and it was wonderful having that time set aside for us to learn together.

Disney-Inspired Cake


Our Cinderella and Prince Charming cake topper was from Walt Disney World.  We still have in our living room today.  Thank you Keith Renard!

My Mother’s Disney-Inspired Surprise


During the last song of the evening, as Gary was trying to “rescue” me from the 100 plus people separating us, my mother put on us personalized Minnie and Mickey Mouse bride and groom ears.  It was fun way to end our day and start our honeymoon to Disneyland!

img024Did you have a Disney themed wedding or do you know anyone planning a Disney themed wedding?  Please share this post with them to pass on the ideas and I’d love for you to share your photos of your Disney wedding on my Facebook page!

A special thank you to Oaktree Photography & Video Inc. for allowing me to post these photos on the blog today.  They did a great job capturing such special moments during our day.  Moments and photos that we will treasure for a lifetime.  Please stop by Oaktree’s Facebook page to see what they’re working on a decade later!

Let’s Build an Olaf Snowman Puppet!

olaf play 001Do you love Olaf as much as we do?

My kids are pretty obsessed with Disney’s Frozen’s adorably silly little snowman named Olaf.  This weekend I stumbled across a Disney Frozen Activities page that had a really cool “Build a Snowman” activity sheet.  I printed it out for the kids and we made this simple puppet in a matter of minutes.  Here’s how!

First stop by

Print out the “Build a Snowman” activity sheet.  If you’re looking for other Frozen fun visit .  There are a bunch of other fun coloring and activity sheets on this page too.  However, for this little project you will only need the Olaf printout.   Since I printed it out on basic copy paper, I chose to laminate the sheet to make it a bit sturdier.

Olaf 0042. Once printed cut out all of Olaf’s parts.

3. Next, put him together by using a hole puncher and brads.

Olaf 018

Olaf 006

4. Once together, flip him over and add the puppet stick.  I used a wooden skewer and taped down the pointed side.  Olaf 011That’s it!  Super simple and my kids had a blast playing with him.  Now it’s time to get our dance party on and pretend it’s “In Summer!”  If you’re surround by two feet of snow, like us, just watching Olaf’s YouTube video is enough to warm your heart.

We’re Sending Warm Hugs to You!

Olaf 014

Disney Makes Potty Training Magical

Pulls Party 017“Good Bye Diapers!  Hello Pull-Ups!”

It’s potty training time for my little two and a half year old.  Honestly, it’s been challenging.  If you’re a mom or dad who’s lived to tell the tale, you know it’s a battle.  Luckily for me I have been given a bit of a secret weapon…Disney didn’t provide me with a sword, shield or the preferable, magic wand; however, Pull-Ups and Disney did provide me with the help of Princess Ariel, Minnie Mouse and an adorable Sulley.

In exchange for this post and hosting a “Good Bye Diapers, Hello Pull-Ups Party”, I received Huggies Pull-Ups to provide to my guests, coupons and a Disney Princess Magical Sounds Potty System for my little Princess.  As with all my posts, my comments and “review” of the items are purely my opinions.

Party Time!

I have an older child, Gavin.  He’s 6 years old and I’m happy to report that his potty training days were overall pretty easy.  He wasn’t ready until almost 3 years old, but once he told me he was ready, that was it.  He was done with diapers.  He didn’t use Pull-Ups and Gavin never had an accident.  Since he never used them, I didn’t purchase any for Victoria either.  Victoria’s 2 and a half now and she’s showed interest in potty training so I’ve felt she was ready to try.  Well we’ve been “trying” for about a month now, without much success.  When I received an email asking if I’d host this party, I thought we’d give Pull-Ups a try.

Pull Ups 003A few days before the party our supplies arrived from House Party and Huggies.  When Victoria and I opened our box,  we were surprised to find a Disney Princess Magical Sounds Potty System.  As soon as Victoria saw it, she wanted to use it.  The next morning we took the potty out of the box and she had five successful potty times!  Success and the party hadn’t even started!  I give this potty two thumbs up.  Cleaning is simple and I love that it doubles as a step stool.

In addition to the potty, we were given a bunch of things to assist us and our guests on our magical potty training journey.  Of course I didn’t wait to until the party to start using them.  I had to test Huggies tips out and see if they worked.

Pull Ups 008Each of our guests received, what I like to call, a celebration package. It included a potty progress chart, Big Kid reward stickers and three party horns.  After Victoria had her first successful potty session I pulled out this package, used the chart, gave her a sticker and she and I went full-on party with those horns.  It worked!  She LOVED it.  Like I said, five successes on the first day!  With this experience under our belt, we were ready to host our party!

Pulls Party 008Pulls Party 011The kids and I, took a trip to Wegmans grocery store and picked out some balloons and of course, the potty-training princess’s favorite treats, sugar cookies.

 Our Guests Arrive!

Pulls Party 001

Derek was the only little prince that attended our party, so he received an entire Pull-Ups package to get him started on his way.  He was happy to open them up and show us how they work.  What a Big Kid now!

Pulls Party 029

The kids loved the Disney characters on the Pull-Ups.  For the boys, the Pull-Ups feature Buzz Lightyear and Lighting McQueen.  For the girls, Minnie Mouse, Ariel and Monster University characters, Mike and Sulley grace the outside of the Pull-Ups.  Of course, Victoria only wanted to wear one because of Minnie Mouse and Princess Ariel.

The party was a success. Moms swapped potty training stories and ideas.  The kids had fun while playing, making party hats and being introduced to Huggies great Pull-Up product.  For my niece, Gwynn, it was her first interaction with a training potty.  A couple more months and she’ll be ready to go!

Pulls Party 006

Thank you Pull-Ups and Host Party!  We’re on our way to being Potty Trained!