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Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate was Regal!

#DisneyKids Preschool Playdate

We’re always ready for a Disney Party. So, when the Disney Parks Team and MomSelect asked if our family would like to host a #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate, we said, “YES PLEASE!”

A few weeks later, Disney Parks and MomSelect sent a magical box in the mail with the following wonderful products for me to share with our playdate guests.  Although I didn’t pay for the items, my thoughts and opinions shared with you are my own.

Check the fun stuff out!

#DisneyKids Preschool Playdate

And there was more!

#DisneyKids Preschool Playdate

Talk about exciting! After exploring through the box of supplies, I got to work planning our playdate! I started with the food!  If I was going to have a house full of young children, I must have snacks!

#DisneyKids Preschool Playdate

My supply box gave the kids Disney Princess Fruit Snacks, Cliff Kids Protein Bars and Crunchmaster Cheezy Crisps to get the snack table started.  Since the décor items given to me were mostly Sophia the First themed, I decided to go with a princess theme.  I added Sofia the First amulet grapes and royal donut puffs to complete our snack table. (I have to say that I saw not only kids, but adults, snacking on the Crunchmaster Cheezy Crisps. They were surprisingly really good!)

Since we had our Disney Kids Playdate in the afternoon, I supplied lunch for our friends and their parents.  We went with Disney’s suggestion and made Sofia’s Seashell Mac and Cheese.  The pot was emptied without a shell left behind!

Partying like Princes and Princesses

We invited twelve little princes and princesses to attend our royal event.  However, we ended up with eight royals ready to have fun.  The Disney Parks Team and MomSelect sent me pages of fun activities to do with the children.  So many that the day few by!

#DisneyKids Preschool PlaydatePrincesses started their fun with a bit of Disney Junior coloring and quickly moved on to Twirling Tiaras. (Freeze dance to Sofia the First music with the girls wearing paper tiaras on their heads.) Then the boys joined the girls in making Disney Junior Straw Banners, followed by a serious round of Disney Side Bingo! I was surprised how many of the Disney locations the kids knew!

Disney Kids Preschool Playdate

After bingo ended, we moved on to Bauble Bites!

Using Fruit Loops for jewels and licorice laces, fabulous AND delicious necklaces were created!

DisneyKids Preschool Playdate

All of the activities made our Disney Kids Preschool Playdate time fly by!

Before leaving everyone chatted while watching a Disney Vacation Planning DVD.  It was fun to talk about our previous vacations and discuss upcoming vacations.  Half of the families at the playdate had previously vacationed at Walt Disney World with their children and the other half had yet to go. I loved being able to “talk Disney” with the moms and it was a wonderful seeing all of the children playing together throughout the day.

Disney Kids Playdate

      These pretty princesses had a wonderful time at their Disney Kids Preschool Playdate! Thank you Disney Parks and MomSelect!

Qramz Charms ~ A Fun Stocking Stuffer Idea

Although I received Qramz Charms from a friend, this is considered a sponsored post. I did not pay for the items. My review of the product comes directly from my experience and my children’s experiences using and playing with Qramz Charms and Bands!

It’s not a common occurrence that I blog about an item that isn’t directly related to Disney.  However, a friend of mine created Qramz Charms and sent my children a few charms and bands in the mail. I have to say they loved their new charms!  I thought Qramz Charms were a pretty cool concept and I can imagine them hanging on in a ton of places.  Honestly, I immediately thought, “awesome stocking stuffer idea” and wanted to let you all know about them.

Qramz Charms open by squeezing the top and bottom of the charm together.  After the squeeze, attach! This is Gavin, my seven-year-old son’s little fingers squeezing the Smiley bead.


Since we received a Rainbow Bands 6-pack, the kids started by putting the charms on the bands first. Both Victoria (3 years old) and Gavin (7 years old) loved Qramz Charms with the bracelets.  Although the bands are adorable and little ones would love them, Qramz Bands and Charms are NOT recommended for children under the age of three, as the beads are a choking hazard.

Qramz Bands

The charms were really easy for Gavin to put on the bracelets.  The nice brother that he is, Gavin, put together a band and charm for his sister. I thought Victoria would have chosen the “skull with bow”…it reminded me of Pirates! She went all pink and chose the pink bead with pink flower.

Then the creative part started. Gavin tried to attach them to everything.

The charms worked on cords really well ~ think headphone cords.  Gavin tried them on his shoelace but we didn’t like the way they fit.  The charm looked great, but didn’t feel as secure as son a band or cord. Gavin didn’t want to chance loosing this cute little owl.

Qramz Charms

He wanted so badly to put them on his bike spokes that we trudged through the snow and into the shed to pull out his bike.

Qramz Charms

He was so excited that these little guys fit perfectly. Now all we have to do is wait for spring…

Qranz Charm on bike

If you have a bike arriving under the tree this year that will need a bit of personalizing or a set of headphones for a Princess ready to show her style, check out the different kind of Qramz charms are available on their website.


It’s Cyber Monday, so I won’t take a moment more of your time.  Get shopping and we’ll be back to talking Disney on Wednesday.