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Mickey Mouse Inspired Pumpkin Cupcakes

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin CupcakesHappy Halloween Week Everyone!

One of my favorite things about visiting a Disney Park during the holiday seasons is the festive cupcakes and treats that Disney sells.  While visiting Disneyland Resort I enjoyed seeing the Halloween creations made by Disney’s talented Cast Members and as usual, they did not disappoint.  Here’s a look at some of my favorites!

Halloween Treats at Disneyland ResortAnytime of the year you can find amazing character apples, but I think during the Halloween season the selection is Spooktacular!

Halloween Treats at Disneyland Resort

As soon as I saw Mickey Mummy treats I wanted to run home and make them!

Disneyland Halloween treats

However, first I decided to make my version of these adorable Mickey Mouse pumpkin cupcakes! They were so easy to make. It took less than a half hour for 20 cupcakes. Would you like to make some during this week of Halloween?

My simple version of Disneyland’s cupcakes have a marshmallow based icing. I used the “Super-Easy Marshmallow Icing” recipe by King Arthur Flour. You can check out the photo tutorial on how I made the cupcakes, including the icing below.

Gather your supplies. The icing recipe is for 24 cupcakes so that’s how many cupcakes I made.  However, I was only able to transform 20 cupcakes before running out of icing.

Mouse Ears Mom.com

You’ll need the recipe for the “Super-Easy Marshmallow Icing” and you can find it here:

http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/super-easy-marshmallow-icing-recipe .

  • Tootsie Rolls (Not Shown Below) are used for the pumpkin stem.
  • Chocolate wafer melts (Not Shown Below) are used for Mickey’s Ears.
  • Green icing- optional (Not Shown Below) is used to make the leaf.
  • The photo below shows you the ingredients I used to make the icing: Salt, Vanilla Extract, Heavy Cream, Powdered Sugar and Marshmallows.

http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/super-easy-marshmallow-icing-recipe ingredients

As the recipe states, make sure you continuously stir the ingredients while they are heating or the marshmallows will stick. It took a bit longer than I expected for the marshmallows to start to melt and then all of a sudden it started sticking at warp speed.

Mouse Ears Mom.com

Once the marshmallows, heavy cream, sugar, and salt have blended together this is what the icing looked like.Mouse Ears Mom.com

After I poured the mixture into a large mixer bowl, I added the vanilla AND equal amounts of red and yellow food coloring to create orange icing.

Mouse Ears Mom.com

As the recipe suggested, I covered the orange icing and refrigerated it overnight.

marshmallow icing

The next day I used my mixer to whip the icing into shape and I was ready to go!


I played around with different icing tips creating different kinds of pumpkin cupcakes.  I found that I liked the Wilton #12 tip’s results the best.  I piled icing in the center of each cupcake and covered the center by starting at the cake and meeting the icing at the top.

Pumpkin cupcake. Mouse Ears Mom.com

After covering the cupcake with icing I pushed an unwrapped Tootsie Roll through the center of the icing.

Mickey pumpkin cupcake

Add a two chocolate wafers for ears and you’re done!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Picnicking With Mickey Cupcakes

Picnic mickey

Are you planning a family picnic this Memorial Day Weekend? Add a little Disney magic to a simple cupcake by adding these easy-to-make Mickey Mouse chocolates.

Mickey chocolates

To make these chocolates you’ll need chocolate candy melts, wax paper, a microwave safe squeeze bottle or microwave safe disposable decorating bags and my Mickey Mouse template.

Below is the template that I created with the use of a Mickey Mouse craft punch.  Print it out to get started!

Mickey Mouse chocolates template

Mickey chocolates 010

Using the template underneath a sheet of wax paper makes creating Mickey Mouse candies a breeze.  Simply melt the chocolate in the squeeze bottle or in your decorating bag, snip a small hole at the end and then cover the blue Mickey heads with chocolate. Once the chocolate has cooled, flip them over and your miniature Mickeys are ready to magically transform your cupcakes!

One important tip to make your candies fabulous ~ do not try to trace the Mickey head to create the candy.  This will give the candies bubbles on the back side, instead of the smooth finish you see on the candies pictured on the blue plate.  Instead, apply chocolate in the center of the large circle until it fills the entire circle.  Follow with adding the ears by applying chocolate again in the center of one ear until it fills the ear and then complete Mickey by adding his last ear.  Talk about easy!

Mickey chocolates 023

Have a Magical Monday everyone!


Mickey and Minnie Mouse Miniature Cupcake Treats

Miniature Mickey CupcakesA Sweet Touch of Mickey and Minnie to Make Any Moment Magical

Unless you’re Rapunzel stuck in her tower, your life is pretty busy.  You would probably love to design a pre-Disney vacation party for your family but you don’t have the time.   Here’s a perfect way to add a touch of Disney to your hectic schedule. Surprise your family with these yummy miniature Mickey and Minnie Mouse cupcakes.  This cute little pair, is not only portion controlled, but also quick to make!

I stumbled upon Nabisco’s Snack Well’s 100 Calorie Fudge Pretzels during a recent grocery trip.  As soon as I saw those miniature rings I knew I had to make miniature Mickey and Minnie Mouse cupcakes!  I doubt Nabisco would appreciate me turning their 100 calorie snacks into a litter of Mickey and Minnie inspired cupcakes, but I couldn’t help myself.

IMG_2192To Make a Miniature Mickey Mouse Cupcake

Bake your favorite chocolate cake in a mini muffin tin, apply chocolate icing to each cupcake. Open a snack bag of Snack Well’s Fudge Pretzels and pick out two pretzels that look about the same size.  Place two on the top of each cupcake.  DONE!


IMG_2193To Make a Miniature Minnie Mouse Cupcake

Bake your favorite chocolate cake in a mini muffin tin, apply vanilla icing to the cupcake.  Add Wilson’s Pink Sprinkles for Minnie’s polka dots.  Open a snack bag of Snack Well’s Yogurt Pretzels and pick out two pretzels that look about the same size.  Place two on the top of each of the cupcake.  Done!

They are so super easy to make, why wait for a special occasion?

I hope these easy-to-make cupcakes inspire you to surprise your family with a sweet touch of Disney tonight!

A Magic Kingdom Party

mickey-topiaryCelebrating the Happiest Place on Earth with Happiest Party on the Block

This week on the blog I will be featuring extremely creative and magical party ideas to help you and your family throw the perfect Pre-Vacation Walt Disney World Party.  Today I’m delighted to share with you A Magic Kingdom Party created by Erin of Landsdown Life.  Erin designed this party for her three-year old daughter’s birthday and what a pixie dusted perfect day her little Mouseketeer was given!

The attention to detail found at this party was outstanding.  Erin took the time to custom design and create the party invitations, décor, food, party hats and favor bags (featured below).  Since her daughter’s two favorite rides are It’s a Small World and The Enchanted Tiki Room, she included both into the party’s design.


On her blog you’ll find not only decoration details, but also four other posts regarding the Magic Kingdom Party details.

  • You’ll find a wonderful tutorial on how to make Magic Kingdom Party invitations.
  • An Activities post to tell you all about the fun Disney themed activities that little ones played while at her party.
  • A Favors Part 1 post, where you’ll find the details on the adorable favor bags and treats.  This post includes a free favor bag template.
  • A Favors Part 2 post, where you’ll learn how to make a special Mickey treat.  This post includes a free printable Mickey Inspired favor tag.

You’re going to love her party!  Below is the link to take you to her Party Decoration Details first:


Enjoy!  And have a Magical Monday!


A Nutritiously Sweet Mickey Mouse Apple

DSC_2177What could make this classic apple a bit more attractive to your Preschooler?

Try turning his snack into a Mickey Mouse Apple.  With the use of two small black cardstock circles and two small pieces of tape, you’ve got a Mickey Apple!

First wash your apple and dry it really well so the tape will stick.  Make two circles on black cardstock.  I traced a lid to a container that is the size of a typical spice container.  Then cut them out and tape them face down.  Bend back the “ears” so that they fit the apple.  That’s it- you’re done!


It’s the simplest thing to do, but effective.  As soon as my six-year-old and two-year-old saw the apples, they both wanted the Mickey one!  Just make sure that your little Mouseketeer takes the ears and pieces of tape off the apple before they bite into it.

DSC_2216Which one do you think your Mouseketeer will pick?