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Top Three Magic Kingdom Hot Spots for Cooling Down

photo (15)“We’re walking right down the middle of Main Street U.S.A”…and sweat is already rolling down our faces when an oasis suddenly appears- The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor.

1. The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, located at the end of Main Street USA, calls you in with is alluring smell of freshly made waffle bowls and a promise of a cool scoop of creamy ice cream.  It’s menu is simple; offering ice cream sundaes, hand-scooped ice cream cones, a delicious ice cream cookie sandwich and ice cream floats.  However, if you have special dietary needs, the Plaza does offer Tofutti and Rice Dream, also No Sugar Added Raspberry Sorbet and No Sugar Added Butter Pecan.  In addition, if you are simply watching your fat intake, you could purchase their Fat-free Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl.  The purchase cost per item ranges from $4.29 to $5.29 for adult portions.  For little Mouseketeers, a Mickey Mouse Kid’s Cone is around $3.00.  My favorite thing about the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is the outdoor setting area with stunning views of Cinderella’s Castle.  It’s also a fantastic location to view The Main Street Electrical Parade and the night-time fireworks show, Wishes.  Just remember to go to the ice cream parlor before the parade begins, because the seating fills up fast.

Dole Whip

Deep in the heart of Adventureland, where there is danger lurking around every corner, you’ll find nestled quietly, golden treasures hidden behind a window at the Aloha Isle .

2Aloha Isle.  OK, so I’m being dramatic,  if you simply cross the bridge from Main Street USA into Adventureland ,then walk a short distance past a small merchandise area, you’ll find the Aloha Isle Quick Service order window across from The Swiss Family Robinson’s Treehouse Attraction.  This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE place to cool down with a special treat.  The Aloha Isle is often referred to as the Dole Whip stand, since it is famous for its Dole Whip Pineapple products. From its Dole Whip Soft Serve Pineapple or Orange Swirl to the Pineapple Juice Float, this location is a must try once and I guarantee you will be going back for more. If you don’t enjoy pineapples or oranges, the Aloha Isle also offers Coca-Cola or Barq’s Root Beer Floats. The purchase cost per item ranges from $3.79 for the soft serve ice cream to $4.99 for the ice cream floats.  This is also a great location if you are simply looking for a location to purchase Apple Juice, Orange Juice or Pineapple Juice for the kids.

Ice Cream Cart Menu
Photographer: Vanessa Mroczka
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3. Ice Cream Carts-Home to Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar.  My final “Hot Spot’ for cooling down is actually found in 11 location throughout Magic Kingdom Park’s Six “Lands”.  The Ice Cream Carts offer a variety of frozen treats that vary at each cart.  There is one classic item that is a favorite of most Walt Disney World guests, the Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar.  Moms and Dads, the bars are extremely yummy and enjoyed by children of all ages, but I do want you to be aware of the nutritional values on this set of Mickey Ears.  One Mickey Premium Bar is  330 calories with 22 grams of fat.  It’s a rather large ice cream bar and most little mousekeeters will not be able to finish one.   That said, you may want to have smaller children share one or even opt for the Strawberry Fruit Bar, which is a fraction of the calories,

What is your favorite “cool” snack at The Walt Disney World Resort?  I’d love to know! Please feel free to post them in the comment section below.

Mickey Mouse “Premium” Healthy Bar

Mickey's Watermelon BarMouse Ears Mom’s Healthy Twist on a Walt Disney World Treat Favorite

If you’ve ever traveled to The Walt Disney World Resort then you know that the “Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar” is a classic treat.  Within moments of the stepping foot on property, I am quickly discarding the evil nutritional fact wrapper and chopping off one of those precious chocolate covered ice cream ears!  At that wonderful moment the family vacation has officially begun.    But unfortunately, vacations end and once you leave Walt Disney World, the magical bars stay behind.  This is probably a good thing for my waistline.

Using my family’s favorite summer fruit, I decided to pay homage to the “Worlds” most classic ice cream ears by recreating them with a healthy twist.  Super easy to make, you and your kids could be enjoying Watermelon ears this evening!  All you need is a watermelon, a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, and some cookie pop sticks.  After cutting the watermelon, place it on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper, then insert a cookie pop stick, and freeze on the cookie sheet.  I also chose to place each pop in a freezer bag.  I used the cookie cutter that is pictured to the right.  It can be purchased on Disney Store’s website or at Disney’s Parks.

My two-year old, Victoria, LOVES popsicles.  The juicier the pop, the better is her motto.  Since the watermelon was frozen, she spent some time sucking the juice out of this pop!

Victoria enjoying her Mickey pop

As you can see by the photo, Victoria absolutely enjoyed this fruit version of Mickey’s ears!