Month: August 2014

New “Sofia the First” Episode With A Special Appearance By Mulan To Air On Disney Channel Today.

Mulan on Sophia

Is there a “Sofia the First” fan living in your home?  If the answer is YES, then lock your television sets on Disney Channel now!  

This morning, Friday, August 15 at 9:30 a.m.ET/PT, Disney Channel will air a brand new “Sofia the First” episode that’s perfect for every Disney Princess fan that’s ready for adventure! As a special guest on Disney Junior’s hit Emmy-nominated series, Mulan, will make an appearance this episode of “Sofia the First”.  

The Disney Princesses always know just the perfect moment to help!

During this episode, Sofia and her family take a trip to the Kingdom of Wei-Ling.  While there, Sofia’s brother Prince James and Prince Jin run off in search of the treasure of the Jade Jaguar and when King Roland and Emperor Quon go off to rescue the boys, they all find themselves trapped in the jaguar’s den, so it’s up to Sofia, Amber and Princess Jun to save their families.  Mulan appears to offer some strategic advice to the young princesses on how to rescue their dads and brothers. 

Take a look at a sneak peak just for you!

I’m certain that once this episode is complete, it is going to be watched on repeat in our home!  Thank you DVR!

Will you be tuning into see this special episode?

Disney Inspired Loom Creations

francesca profile photo

Today I’m excited to share with you Francesca’s Disney-Inspired Summer Boredom Blaster Loom projects!

A few weeks ago, while waiting to pick up my son, Gavin from a summer Art class , I noticed a really cool Disney Princess-Inspired charm that was dangling off of a women’s purse.  Of course, I had to ask the woman where she purchased the charm.  Instead of telling me where she purchased the charm, she introduced me to a nine-year-old little girl that happened to be in the same Art class as my son.  This adorable little artist’s name is Francesca.

Francesca received a Rainbow Loom from Santa this past Christmas.  By the spring, she began making Disney-inspired loom charms by following YouTube video tutorials.  With the knowledge she gained from the tutorials she went on to create Disney Princess inspired charms that she couldn’t find the tutorials for making.

Take a look at some of Francesca’s Loom charms!

Tinker Bell

tinkerbell charm


jasmine charm


mulan charm

Pretty awesome, right?

Depending on the style of the charm, it takes Francesca between 30 to 40 minutes to complete a charm.  What a perfect summer boredom buster!

My son jumped on the Rainbow Loom bandwagon this summer and has had a great time making bracelets.  After seeing Francesca’s charms, we instantly went home to look up the YouTube tutorials.  Let me warn you, it took us a LOT longer to try and make a much simpler charm and part of it fell apart.  Although Francesca aspires to be a Paleontologist or a Dancer when she grows up, Gavin and I agree she’s an outstanding artist already!

While searching for Loom charm tutorials I came across this tutorial to create an adorable Olaf Inspired Loom Charm.  He’s on our list to attempt to create!

I’d like to thank Francesca for allowing me to share her summer boredom blaster projects on the blog today!  She’s one creative little Mouseketeer!

Did your children create any Disney-Inspired Loom projects?  I’d love for you to share them with us in the comments below!



Thank you to everyone that entered the Frozen Wardrobe Giveaway!

Frozen in Summer Giveaway

The Frozen in Summer Wardrobe Giveaway has ended and the winner has claimed her prize!

Congratulations to Amber N.!

To all of the fans that took the time to enter the Giveaway, thank you.  I hope that you continue to check back to the Mouse Ears Mom blog regularly for tutorials on Easy-to-Make Disney-Inspired Crafts & Treats, Disney-Inspired Party Planning Ideas, Disney Theme Park Vacation Tips for Families and of course, more Disney-Inspired Giveaways!

Visit the blog this week for a look at my family’s biggest Summer Boredom Busters.  Monday I posted about my son’s fundraising day that was filled with Pixie Dust.  Thursday I’ll share a crafting project certain to keep little Mousketeers busy for an entire afternoon.  I saved the best for this weekend, when I’ll share a jaw dropping summer project inspired by a Walt Disney World attraction.

Until Then, Have a Magical Day!


Disney Inspired Kids Activity: A Fundraiser That’s Full of Pixie Dust

Give the kids the world village

Have you heard about Give Kids the World Village?

The blog has been quiet for the last week and a half.  Why you might ask?  I’ve been planning and prepping for a community yard sale that had a perfect touch of Pixie Dust!   If you’re looking for a way to beat summer boredom with your kids, believe me, this project will keep you and the kids busy for quite a few days!  

This summer, my son Gavin has asked me at least two dozen times to have a yard sale.  He loved the idea of making a few extra dollars that he could use for purchasing souvenirs during our upcoming Disneyland vacation.  Honestly, I have to tell you that I cringed at the idea of having a yard sale and pushed the thought aside for almost the entire summer, until one day he asked if he could have a bake sale to raise money to “help people”.  How could I say no to that?  In that moment, my heart had melted, so I told him we’d have his yard sale to make money for Disneyland, and at the yard sale he could have a bake sale to help people. 

Gavin’s first big task was choosing which organization to support.

He decided on helping sick kids go to Walt Disney World.  Having worked for Walt Disney World, I’m familiar with an organization that provides children that have life-threatening illnesses with a week-long Central Florida vacation at no cost to their families.  This magical organization is called Give Kids the World Village.  Gavin and I did a quick web search to find out what we could do to help the Village and found a “Wish List” for the Village. After reading the list, Gavin decided it was pretty important that sick children have sunblock “or they’re going to feel worse!”  His mission was set!  

Gavin’s Mission:  Raise as much money as possible to purchase lots of sunblock and a few DVDs (because watching a movie always make you feel better)!

After that important decision was made, it was time for Gavin’s baked good requests.  Yes, it was his yard/bake sale, but Mom was brought in to make the goodies!  Of course, with any good Disney-themed event, I went right to work putting a Disney themed spin on his food choices.

Give Kids the World Village Fundraiser Food Menu

Bake Sale Menu

We found some fun Mickey Mouse themed tableware at the dollar store and paired it with a few vintage 1980’s Walt Disney World Resort trays to put together his table set up.

Vintage 1980's Walt Disney World tray

I’m so proud to tell you that once the yard sale started, Gavin was 100% focused on raising money at the bake sale.

Give Kids the World Bake Sale

Gavin’s not too keen on me taking his picture anymore, but he allowed me to snap this one.

At the end of the day, Gavin had sold just about everything!  He raised $69!

This week, we’ll be purchasing a bunch of sunblock and a DVD or two.  Then they will be on their way to Give Kids the World Village!  The time spent preparing for his yard sale and bake sale fundraiser was significant.  It was truly a summer boredom buster for the kids and me, but more importantly, the bake sale had my son choosing to put others first.  It was evident in his sales: $18 dollars yard sale ($15 purchased from Grandma) and $69 bake sale.

Do you know a child who has a life-threatening illness that would love to experience a trip to Walt Disney World?

 Please contact your local wish-granting organization.  They can arrange a Central Florida vacation with the help of Give Kids the World Village.