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“Mistress of All Evil” Maleficent cupcake


This Halloween season I’ve had fun making cupcakes inspired by my favorite Disney villains.  Today I’d like to share with you, Maleficent!

Love Disney villains like I do?  Here are the links to check out the tutorials for other Disney villain inspired cupcakes!

Cruella de Vil Cupcakes:


Evil Queen’s Red Apples


Captain Hook’s Cupcakes


To make this “Mistress of All Evil” cupcake start with a basic chocolate cupcake.Maleficent 002

To save time, I use Wilton Decorating Icing for a lot of my projects, especially if the cupcake needs black icing.  For this cupcake I used the two decorating icing tubes featured in the photo.  The tips used are round.

Maleficent 004

With the icing tubes and tips, draw an outline of Maleficent’s headpiece and face.  Once outlined, continue to fill in the top of the cupcake.

Maleficent 001

Melt black candy melts in a small bowl.  Using a spoon dip Bugle cone-shaped snacks into the chocolate.

Maleficent 005

Using a toothpick, remove the Bugle out of the chocolate and place it on a wax lined cookie sheet.  Place in the refrigerator until the chocolate has hardened around the tooth pick.

Maleficent 006

Place two of the chocolate covered Bugles in each cupcake to act as horns.  Then place the cupcake within another black cupcake liner to represent Maleficent’s collar.  To create the stripes around the horns, I used a Cake Mate Writing Icing.

Maleficent 013

That’s it!

Did you know that this special Disney villain will soon be sharing her side of the “Sleeping Beauty” story on the big screen?   The film, Maleficent, is scheduled to be released on May 30th, 2014.

I hope you all have a Not-So-Scary Halloween this week!

A Beauty Makeover By The Disney Villains

villains makeup 012Can we agree that Disney’s Villains have a sense of style and beauty?

You may not be aware that your local Walgreens carries an evil line of beauty products inspired solely by Disney Villains, Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, Ursula and the infamous Evil Queen.  With products priced $7.99 to $9.99, I thought it would be simply wicked of me not to share this info with you!  Here are some photos of the product that I purchased and the product that is still available of this very popular line.

villains wegmans 002From Eyelashes to Fingernails, the Villains are ready to bring out the villainous side of you!

As shown in the photo above, the products produced for this line are Makeup “Look Books”, “Ponytailers”, nail kits, fake eyelashes, and makeup travel bags.  Each beauty item has four different styles representing each villain.

villains makeup 013This is a photo of the Evil Queen Look Book.

It includes 1 eyelid primer, 6 eye shadow colors, 1 brightening eyeliner, 1 liquid eyeliner, 1 mascara, 1 lip color and 1 eye shadow brush.  The cost is only $9.99.

villains wegmans 007villains wegmans 005The Ponytailers, advertised as “for your hair and wrists” are priced at $7.99 and come as a 7 piece set.

The featured photos are of Ponytailers inspired by Ursula  and Cruella de Vil.

villains wegmans 008Villain false eyelashes are sold for $7.99 per each wicked set.

villains makeup 009I fell in love the artwork on the cosmetic cases.  Notice on this Cruella de Vil inspired bag the London landscape camouflaged on the right side of the bag and the puppy paw prints on the left side that morph into flowers.

villains makeupCheck out the inside lining of the bag- Puppies!  The costs of the bags are $9.99.  I think anyone traveling to a Disney vacation NEEDS one of these bags.  Don’t you think?

If you like these products, stop by your local Walgreens to check out their supply.  I spoke with Walgreen’s management and the Villains beauty products were stocked for the Halloween season and will not be reordered!

Which Disney Villain products would fit your personality?




Disney Villain Cruella de Vil Cupcakes

Cruella de Vil cupcakeLook Out For Cruella Cupcakes!

From her hair to her style, Cruella de Vil is hard not to love.  Pair her with tons of sweet spotted puppies and talk about a fantastically evil cupcake!

This Halloween season on the blog you’ll find tutorials for my favorite Disney Villain Inspired cupcakes!  Here’s how to make this wickedly sweet Cruella de Vil cupcake.

  1. Start by making white cake cupcakes.  I found awesome zebra print baking cups made by Wilton and thought instantly of Cruella.  If you don’t want to purchase these, black baking cups will work.Cruela Devil 001
  2. Once the cupcakes have cooled you’ll need your leaf decorating tip and black and white icing.  I’ve never had success with trying to make my own black icing, so I took the simple route and used Wilton’s black decorating icing tube and their leaf decorating tip.  They worked perfectly.
  3. Outline half of the cupcake in black icing. Fill in the semi-circle with a base coat of icing.  This will give the icing “hair” some height.Cruela Devil 005
  4. Attach the leaf decorating tip to your icing tube, or icing bag filled with icing.  At a 90 degree angle apply icing by allowing icing to pool then release the pressure on the icing bag as you pull the tip straight up.  This will create Cruella’s crazy hair effect.  Continue to do this until the entire semi-circle is full of hair spikes.
  5. Repeat Step 4 with white icing.Cruela Deville

If you love Disney’s Villains, watch out for more Villain cupcake tutorials to appear this spooky season!

Delicioulsy Evil Villain Cupcakes

Deliciously Evil Villain CupcakesA Disney Villain Party ~ What Devilish Fun!

On Friday, September 13th Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida hosted a frightfully fun Villain’s event called  “Unleash the Villains”.  It was such a huge success that the park’s parking lot reached its capacity!  There’s no denying that we all have a favorite Disney Villain.  These “Disney Villain Inspired” cupcakes feature my favorite Villains!

Look for the tutorials on how to make these tasty little trouble makers throughout the month of October.  I have previously featured two Villain cupcakes on the blog, Captain Hook and the Evil Queen’s Apples.  If you’ve missed them here are the links to the tutorials.

Mouse Ears Mom 004The Evil Queen’s Apples




Captain Hook CupcakeCaptain Hook’s Cupcakes


 Don’t forget Season 3 of Disney’s Once Upon a Time Series premieres this Sunday, September 29th on ABC.  Why don’t throw yourself a little Villain’s party in honor of Regina and Hook?