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Simple Mickey and Minnie Mouse Inspired Valentine Garland Craft

 Mickey and Minnie Valentine Garland by MouseEarsMom.com

Get out the paper, glue sticks, scissors, ribbon, and cookie cutters, it’s time to beat the snowed-in boredom!

We’ve had quite a few snow days lately. If you have children, then you know that playing in the snow doesn’t fill an entire day for our little Mouseketeers.  The kids and I have been occupying that time with some fun Valentine crafts. Today I’m sharing how we made our Mickey and Minnie Mouse inspired valentine garland.


  • red cardstock
  • black cardstock
  • white card stock
  • standard hole punch
  • 1″ hole punch
  • two different size heart cookie cutters
  • glue stick
  • pencil
  • ribbon


Now start tracing and cutting out your hearts from the red and black cardstock.

Both Mickey and Minnie Mouse hearts are made by cutting off the top half of a black heart and gluing the black piece onto the top half of a red heart. The Mickey Mouse inspired hearts have his two white buttons and the Minnie hearts have her polka dots.  For Mickey’s buttons, punch two 1″ circles from the white card stock and glue the circles onto the red bottom half of a heart. For Minnie’s polka dots, we used a stand hole punch on white card stock and punched out 10 miniature circles.  (Remember to empty your hole punch before making Minnie’s polka dots.  It’ll save you from the clean up when your son dumps a hundred punches all over the table….experience has taught me.)

Once your hearts are glued and dried, use the standard hole punch to create holes on both sides of each heart. Connect the hearts together with some cute ribbons. Now you and your Mousketeers have made the cutest little Mickey and Minnie Valentine Garland in town!

Mickey and Minnie Inspired Valentine Garland www.mouseearsmom.com

Have you made any Disney-inspired Valentine’s Day decorations this year? I’d love for you to share them with me! Post a photo of your project on the Mouse Ears Mom Facebook page or if you’re a blogger and you have a tutorial, great!  Share the link in the comments!

DIY: Celebrating a Disney-Inspired Valentine’s Day


Mickey and Minnie Mouse Valentine Boxes

During this past Christmas season my kids loved counting down to Santa’s big arrival using various advent calendars.  They quickly hopped out of bed each morning and the opening of doors, boxes and pulling little plush characters from pockets began. But now it’s over and depressing January is upon us.  Victoria has resorted to asking me daily when Santa will be returning.  So to combat the January blahs, I made these Mickey and Minnie Mouse Inspired Valentines Boxes to use each day as we celebrate the days counting up to Valentine’s Day.

Yay! Valentine’s Day is only one month away!

The idea is that each day the kids leave a special note to each other each night for the first two weeks in February and Mommy and Daddy leave them each a small Disney surprise inside their boxes. Last weekend, I shopped at Dollar Tree store and found a ton of great Disney branded items, including Valentines! Here are a few of the things I found. I was thrilled to find all of the Frozen-branded, Princess-branded and even Star Wars-branded items!

Dollar Tree Disney Finds

Every one of these items fits nicely in the kids’ surprise boxes too!

If you’d like to join in on the fun and make your own Mickey and Minnie Mouse Valentine boxes, here’s how I made them.


 Supplies for Mickey:

  • “Celebrate It” brand mail box (Or any red box that has a lid you can cut a slot in.)
  • 2 sheets of black card stock
  • 2 heart stickers (Part of a bag of stickers that included the small hearts used for the Minnie Mouse box. I purchased the sticker bag for $1 at Dollar Tree.)
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors

DIY Disney Inspired Valentine Box

  1. Since the box I chose to use was already red, all I had to do was wrap the lid in black card stock.  To make sure that the wrap was tight, I used a hot glue to keep the card stock in place.
  2. Next to make Mickey and Minnie inspired ears, all you have to do is trace the top of an average drinking glass, but flatten the bottom of the ears by adding a little flap to fold over. Wanting to make sure they stay put, I hot glued them onto the top of the box. (See photo below.)
  3. Add the stickers and you’re done!



I’m hoping the kids will enjoy this daily celebration of our family’s love for each other.  I’m certain the kids will enjoy the daily Disney treats but personally I’m looking forward to reading Gavin’s kind hand-written “nice” notes to his baby sister and Victoria’s “surprise” valentines to her big brother. Victoria has started making her Valentine’s already!



Have you started celebrating Valentine’s Day yet?

Picnicking With Mickey Cupcakes

Picnic mickey

Are you planning a family picnic this Memorial Day Weekend? Add a little Disney magic to a simple cupcake by adding these easy-to-make Mickey Mouse chocolates.

Mickey chocolates

To make these chocolates you’ll need chocolate candy melts, wax paper, a microwave safe squeeze bottle or microwave safe disposable decorating bags and my Mickey Mouse template.

Below is the template that I created with the use of a Mickey Mouse craft punch.  Print it out to get started!

Mickey Mouse chocolates template

Mickey chocolates 010

Using the template underneath a sheet of wax paper makes creating Mickey Mouse candies a breeze.  Simply melt the chocolate in the squeeze bottle or in your decorating bag, snip a small hole at the end and then cover the blue Mickey heads with chocolate. Once the chocolate has cooled, flip them over and your miniature Mickeys are ready to magically transform your cupcakes!

One important tip to make your candies fabulous ~ do not try to trace the Mickey head to create the candy.  This will give the candies bubbles on the back side, instead of the smooth finish you see on the candies pictured on the blue plate.  Instead, apply chocolate in the center of the large circle until it fills the entire circle.  Follow with adding the ears by applying chocolate again in the center of one ear until it fills the ear and then complete Mickey by adding his last ear.  Talk about easy!

Mickey chocolates 023

Have a Magical Monday everyone!


Our Disney Wedding

img019Look close in this photo and you’ll see a Disney Prince and Princess.

(Hint:  They’re on the glasses!)

The number one day of the year that couples get engaged is Valentine’s Day.  With Valentine’s Day behind us, now is the time when “brides and grooms-to-be” start thinking about planning their weddings.  This May, my husband and I will celebrate our ten year anniversary.  I can’t believe how time flies!  Looking back on our planning process I remember how important it was to me to have Disney touches sprinkled throughout our day.  Gary and I met while working at Walt Disney World.  I often tell people that I met my Prince Charming at Disney and took him back to Pennsylvania!  So of course, when deciding on a theme for our wedding, I looked no further than the movie Cinderella.  Like most little girls, I spent many of my childhood days dreaming of being Cinderella and marrying my Prince Charming.  Since my fiancé didn’t have the same childhood connection to Cindy, I kept the Disney references understated.  I wanted to accent the day with Disney, not make the day into a spectacle of Disney pageantry.  Today I thought I’d share with you the simple Disney-Inspired wedding touches from our wedding day.

Disney-Inspired Ceremony Touch

img021Our adorable Flower Girl, Vanessa, carried a soft brown bear that was sporting a miniature set of Mickey Ears.  What’s truly wonderful is that Vanessa is turning 13 years old this year and she still has this bear!

Disney-Inspired Reception Touches

img023Our wedding song was a remake of “So This is Love” from Disney’s Cinderella.  I love the simple lyrics of this song and since most, if not all the guests had no idea it was taken from the movie, it made the song personal to Gary and I.

Disney-Inspired Dancing

img022Gary and I took dance lessons before our wedding and learned to Waltz like a proper Disney Prince and Princess.  We practiced for months before our wedding day and it was wonderful having that time set aside for us to learn together.

Disney-Inspired Cake


Our Cinderella and Prince Charming cake topper was from Walt Disney World.  We still have in our living room today.  Thank you Keith Renard!

My Mother’s Disney-Inspired Surprise


During the last song of the evening, as Gary was trying to “rescue” me from the 100 plus people separating us, my mother put on us personalized Minnie and Mickey Mouse bride and groom ears.  It was fun way to end our day and start our honeymoon to Disneyland!

img024Did you have a Disney themed wedding or do you know anyone planning a Disney themed wedding?  Please share this post with them to pass on the ideas and I’d love for you to share your photos of your Disney wedding on my Facebook page! www.facebook.com/mouseearsmom

A special thank you to Oaktree Photography & Video Inc. for allowing me to post these photos on the blog today.  They did a great job capturing such special moments during our day.  Moments and photos that we will treasure for a lifetime.  Please stop by Oaktree’s Facebook page to see what they’re working on a decade later!


Easy Mickey Mouse-Inspired Valentine’s Day Craft

Mickey Mouse Placemat from MouseEarsMom.comKeep your table clean with this fun and simple-to-make placemat…well at least part of your table clean.

Yesterday,  in our elementary school’s after-school Disney craft class, I had a great time helping young Disney fans make a Mickey Mouse Valentine’s Day placemat.  The first and second grade students did an excellent job and they enjoyed watching the lamination machine seal their artwork.  If you have a little Mousketeer that loves Mickey Mouse this is a perfect craft to complete with him.  If you don’t have a lamination machine, no problem.  Your local business supply store, like Staples, offers laminating services.  To laminate this project our local store would charge around $3.00US per placemat.

Here’s a break down of what you’ll need for your little artist.

placemat 035For this project you’ll need a Mickey Mouse Craft Punch.  I purchased this punch at A.C. Moore Craft Store.  On a side note, I have to tell you that you’ll love it!  If you don’t have an A.C. Moore store near you, I’ve seen the punch available for purchase on-line.  In addition, you’ll need a 12″ x 12″ piece of scrapbook paper for your base, a glue stick, an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of copy paper, and one pink and one red piece of construction paper or card stock for the Mickey punches.

placemat 001Cut your heart base out of the white copy paper by folding the paper in half and using the entire half of the paper.  Start at the bottom tip and cut to the side corner for the shoulder of the heart.  Have your child use a glue stick to attach the paper heart in the center of the 12 ” x 12″ scrapbook paper.

placemat 003Next, fill in the white heart with the colored paper Mickey heads.  I started with the color red Mickeys and glued each one in place with the use of a glue stick.  There were a total of 41 red Mickey punches and 22 pink Mickey punches used on my placemat.  What was really fantastic about doing this project with the kids is that each child decided to complete the project their own way.  They didn’t care that I had used exactly 27 Mickeys in one row and 21 Mickeys in another row.  All the placements came out really cute and unique to each child.  I had them write their names and grade level on their finished piece, so Mom & Dad will remember how little and adorable their child was when looking at the placemat years down the road.

placemat 022For anyone else out there that want’s to see how I glued the Mickeys onto the heart, here’s a close up of the center.

Now I have one more afterschool simple craft idea I need to come up with.  I’m thinking about teaching the students a little bit about the purpose of molds…and not the kind of mold that cause illnesses.  They’ve already learned how to take something away by using the craft punches and have used tons of glue too.

Any ideas you’d like to share?  Please do!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!  Have a Magically Mickey Day!