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Finding Nemo’s Peach Starfish Cookies

Sept. 2012-May 2013 296When You Wish Upon a Star

Ok, so that’s a different movie.  All kidding aside, from Magic Wand toppers to Peter Pan’s 2nd Star to the Right, there are so many ways to use a star-shaped cookie cutter to make fun Disney Inspired food creations.  This week on the blog I’m keeping our Summer fun around a little bit longer, by showcasing how to bring our memories of the Beach to our homes, Disney Inspired of course.

Today I’m showing you a super easy tutorial on how to bring a touch of the Disney Ocean to your kids’ dessert plates  Below is the tutorial on how to make a cookie of our Nemo Friend, Peach the starfish.

 IMG_2172Supplies: sugar cookies mix, star cookie cutter, Wilton candy eyes, black icing, Wilton Sprinkles~ pink sugar pearls, and pink icing.  I’ve included the photo of the Wilton products that I used for this cookie project.  The sprinkles are fantastic!  They’re worth the money.  The cookie icing is not my favorite product to work with but used it for convenience.  I purchased this product for a quick royal icing result.  The icing was really runny and hard to work with at first.  I had to mix the icing outside of the bottle and then use a funnel to get it back into the container.

IMG_2160Before you start icing your sugar cookies, make they’ve cooled.

If you choose to use the icing that I used, begin by outlining the star with your icing. Don’t start too close to the edge.  The icing will spread and will go right off the side of the cookie if you’ve gotten too close.


IMG_2157Fill the inside of the cookie by adding a little bit of icing at a time.  If you shake the cookie as you’re doing this you’ll see the icing spread easier and it will take out the air bubbles.


While the cookie icing is still liquid, add your eyes and the pearls. Then leave your cookie icing harden for about an hour.  Add the star fish’s mouth after the cookie icing has solidified.

Make a wish on your Peach Starfish before your first bite!

Disney with Kids- Nemo Attractions

Living SeasToday I’d like to “Just Keep Swimming”…

And tell you about “Splashing” adventures at two of Walt Disney World Resort’s Theme Parks.  If you have read my posts from earlier this week, then you already know that Nemo from “Finding Nemo” is a constant talked about character in my family’s life.  It’s imperative that when at The Walt Disney World Resort we FIND NEMO.  These are the two places within Disney’s theme parks that you can find Nemo.

  1. The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion – located in Epcot within Future World.  This attraction is for kids of all ages.  The queue for the attraction is fantastic.  If you and your children focus on your surroundings, your kids might notice that they are walking from a seaside setting into an underwater environment.  Make sure they “Don’t touch the Butt”!  Once through the line, you’ll board your very own clam shell vehicle.  The vehicle is generous in size and we were able to fit our entire family of four (2 adults, 6-year-old and 1.5- year- old) in one vehicle.  I won’t spoil the actual ride but will say that when you depart the vehicle at the end of the ride, you’ll be ready to explore a massive 5.7-million-gallon saltwater aquarium.  The aquarium is home to dolphins, sharks, and sea turtles, to name a few.  At this point it’s up to your family how long you want to explore within this pavilion.  There are TONS of things to do and an abundance of educational fun for the entire family.  My one and a half year old was happy watching the dolphins.  My six-year-old explored quickly and then opted for going to the Turtle Talk show.  Let me say – funny.  It’s very interactive with young children.  FYI kids sit on the floor in the front of the room for the 15 minute show, so be prepared to let your little guy know to stay put when it’s over and you can go get him.  The Sea with Nemo & Friends pavilion also has Bruce’s Shark World, where kids and adults can learn through hands on activities.  I would recommend budgeting time for this pavilion.  It’s really a great spot to relax in a climate controlled environment and follow your kids around.  They will truly enjoy unstructured fun while learning all about “Nemo” and his friends.  Can’t get enough of your fishy friends?  You might want to have dinner at Coral Reef Restaurant, which has an amazing view into the aquarium.  I’ve even seen Mickey swim by the restaurant’s window in his scuba gear!

    Finding Nemo the Musical
    Photographer: Vanessa Mroczka
    Twitter: Vanessa_rules 1
    Instagram: so_truee_postss
  2. Finding Nemo ~ the Musical – located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park within Dinoland USA.  Although this fantastic, over the top show boosting beautiful sets and amazing puppeteering performances, is a must do for many children, I do not recommend the show for children under the age of four.  The show is 40 minutes long.  You might think with the spectacular sets your child would be able to sit through the show.  I speak with experience, my child did not sit more than five minutes and she’s obsessed with Nemo.  The theatre is enormous and she just wanted to run.  So a word of advice, if you are like me and think, “Oh let’s just try it.  Maybe she’ll sit.”  Sit on the end of a row on the far right side of the theatre.  This way, you can leave during the performance when she has a melt down.  Having said that, my six-year-old stayed with his grandmother to see the remaining part of the show and he absolutely loved it.  If you family consists of children ages four and up, make sure you pick up a park TIMES brochure when you enter the park.  This brochure will tell you the times of “Finding Nemo ~ The Musical”.  Schedule it into your day, you won’t regret it!  If you have a family like mine, where one child is the perfect age to watch the performance and the other child is just not ready, have one parent watch the performance with one child and the other parent head to The Boneyard (also in Dinoland USA) with the little one.  Both parents and kids will be happy!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Nemo Inspired Posts.  Visit Mouse Ears Mom next week where I’ll be talking Summer Treats – Yum!

Have a great weekend everyone!




Finding Nemo Party

Nemo Cake Table“MAMO!”

This is the word that comes out of my now 2-year-old little girl’s mouth every time she is near a TV.  Mamo is her name for Pixar’s tiny clown fish, Nemo, the star of “Finding Nemo”.  She absolutely adores Nemo and so, “Finding Nemo” was the theme for her second birthday party.

Finding ourselves in the peak of summer, I think a Nemo themed party would be a fun theme for not only a birthday party, but also a neighborhood pool party.  Today, I’d like to share some of the birthday party’s styling highlights with you, so you and your family could splash up some Nemo fun too.

Table centerpiece signageMy daughter loves the outdoors, so we decided to rent out a pavilion at a local state park.  The pavilion had picnic tables for us to use, so the table top space was limited.  I chose to use a few of these small signs for centerpieces on about half of the tables. The sign holders are from Ikea and the signs are scaled down movie posters.

Nemo and spoonsThe other tables had orange, blue, white and pink (had to have pink for my little girl) balloons and various Circuit cutouts of Nemo, and his friends.  The Nemo cut out is pictured to the right with the plastic ware.  To spruce up your party plastic ware, purchase the spoons, forks and knives in the party’s themed colors.  Place each type of utensil in a separate glass container with coordinating ribbon bows.  The polka-dotted orange and white ribbon shown in the photo to the right was used throughout the party.

Nemo BannerThe Nemo inspired garland pictured on the left was used to decorate the front of the cake table although it’s not pictured in the photo.  Later I repurposed the garland to decorate this spot. I made the garland by drawing a stylized version of Nemo on heavy cardstock.  Then I used the template to make more fish on orange and white card stock and connected them with the polka-dotted orange and white ribbon.

Nemo in a bagSince my daughter is only two, I kept the activities really simple.  I believe the kids had the most fun by running around chasing bubbles.  At the end of the day each big kid (2 years old and up) took home their own fish.  The bag was actually clear glycerin soap with a plastic fish in the center. If you would like to make one with your children, you can find a “How To” video on Martha Stewart’s website.  The infants at the party took home a plush fish character from “Finding Nemo” instead.

Adult party giftAll the moms, dads and big people in general took home a container of fish food (Swedish Fish).  I’m not too sure how many actually made it home, since I was asked for refills!  I even heard a little seagull talk…

“Mine.  Mine.  Mine.”

Happy Splashing Everyone!