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Flying High with a Pizza Pie Planes Party! {Free Printable Menu Cards & More}

Planes Pizza Party

Are you going to see Disney Planes Fire & Rescue this weekend?  We’ll be there!

To say my son, Gavin loves airplanes, would be an understatement.  There isn’t a day that goes by when discussing planes or something that flies isn’t part of our conversation and aviation is a staple in almost every play activity.  This seven-year-old boy goes through flying toys as if he’s changing clothing.  It’s not because he doesn’t take care of his toys, he wears them out or the plane gets stuck in a tree.  With the movie release of Disney Planes last year (see my review here), Gavin’s love of airplanes unbelievably grew and he immediately started asking when Planes Fire & Rescue would be in the theater.  Well, the movie release week has finally arrived!

To celebrate this exciting event I put together a couple “Free Printable” Planes-inspired items that I created and party planning tips to help you host a Pre-Show “Flying High with a Pizza Pie” Planes Party for your little aviators and their friends!

 Planes Themed Pizza!

planes pizza menu

There are so many different types of pizza that you can have at a pizza party!  Try offering the kids specialty pizza and place these silly menu cards close by.  It’ll give young readers a chuckle or two before choosing their pizza.

  • Chicken Wing-man Pizza
  • Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo Flying Pizza
  • Ham & Cheesy Flight Attendants Pizza
  • Pepperoni Pie In The Sky Pizza
  • Flying High Cheese Pizza Pie

I’ve created this set of FREE printable pizza party menu cards for you to use. (For Personal Use Only)  Simply print the Planes Pizza Party file (found below) on white card stock, cut the orange and blue colored cards out and fold along the white line.

Click on the Planes “Pizza Party Menu Cards” link for the five piece printable menu cards.

Planes Pizza Party Menu Cards


Planes cupcakesI made these Planes-inspired cupcakes for my son’s birthday party last year.  Check out the super simple cloud icing tutorial for these soaring cupcakes here!

Dusty cookie popsAnother Planes-inspired dessert option are these Dusty Cookie Pops.  You can see my simple tutorial here!

Decor! {Free Printable Template}

Now that you’ve got the food covered, time to decorate the food table! Add a simple planes garland to the front of your food table, to complete your pizza party table.

Airplane Garland template

You can download the airplane template here!

 Trace the template on orange and blue card stock for the airplanes to match the menu cards.  Then add blue and orange table wear and your party will be soaring!

Still looking for more Planes party ideas?

Check out my son’s planes-themed birthday party here!

Check In Desk (Presents!)

Now you’re ready to have the perfect Pre-show Planes-inspired Pizza Party!  Enjoy your party and then off to show!

Picnicking With Mickey Cupcakes

Picnic mickey

Are you planning a family picnic this Memorial Day Weekend? Add a little Disney magic to a simple cupcake by adding these easy-to-make Mickey Mouse chocolates.

Mickey chocolates

To make these chocolates you’ll need chocolate candy melts, wax paper, a microwave safe squeeze bottle or microwave safe disposable decorating bags and my Mickey Mouse template.

Below is the template that I created with the use of a Mickey Mouse craft punch.  Print it out to get started!

Mickey Mouse chocolates template

Mickey chocolates 010

Using the template underneath a sheet of wax paper makes creating Mickey Mouse candies a breeze.  Simply melt the chocolate in the squeeze bottle or in your decorating bag, snip a small hole at the end and then cover the blue Mickey heads with chocolate. Once the chocolate has cooled, flip them over and your miniature Mickeys are ready to magically transform your cupcakes!

One important tip to make your candies fabulous ~ do not try to trace the Mickey head to create the candy.  This will give the candies bubbles on the back side, instead of the smooth finish you see on the candies pictured on the blue plate.  Instead, apply chocolate in the center of the large circle until it fills the entire circle.  Follow with adding the ears by applying chocolate again in the center of one ear until it fills the ear and then complete Mickey by adding his last ear.  Talk about easy!

Mickey chocolates 023

Have a Magical Monday everyone!


From the Kitchen of The Swedish Chef {DIY Free Printable}

The Swedish Chef favor tagsThe birthday weekend is finally here!

My son, Gavin’s birthday party is tomorrow.  Today I’ll spend the day preparing for his big day. Last night I put together these little tags for the candy favors that will go inside the Muppet tote bags his guests will be receiving.  One of Gavin’s favorite candies is Swedish Fish (yum).  I have to admit, he gets his sweet tooth from his Mommy.  Anyways, I thought I would be perfect if these special fishes came from The Swedish Chef.  He is Swedish, you know.

The little bags came out cute and I’d love to give each and every one of you a bag, in honor of Gavin’s 7th birthday.  However, the shipping fees would kill my bank account, so I thought I’d share the file for the tags instead.  I think the tags would be a perfect accessory for “Muppets Most Wanted” movie night treat or if you plan on throwing a Muppets themed party too!  I found the image of The Swedish Chef on Wikipedia and it’s most likely a copyrighted image.  These little tags are not for sale and are only being used for my son’s party.  Having said that, here’s the PDF file for your personal use:

 The Swedish Chef

Here’s how to put the tags together.

 Print the page out on a piece of 8 1/2″ x 11″ white card stock.

The PDF file has two rows, one with The Swedish Chef’s images and the other with the “FROM THE KITCHEN OF THE SWEDISH CHEF” text.  Cut both the Chef’s image and the text out in a square that measures 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ .

Glue the two sides together back to back or what I did was insert a 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″  piece of a brown or blue card stock between the top and bottom and then I glued it all together.

Hole punch it, add the string and your ready to go.

Now for me to get back to the kitchen. Have a great weekend!  “BORK BORK BORK!”

The Swedish Chef snack bag tags

Let’s Build an Olaf Snowman Puppet!

olaf play 001Do you love Olaf as much as we do?

My kids are pretty obsessed with Disney’s Frozen’s adorably silly little snowman named Olaf.  This weekend I stumbled across a Disney Frozen Activities page that had a really cool “Build a Snowman” activity sheet.  I printed it out for the kids and we made this simple puppet in a matter of minutes.  Here’s how!

First stop by http://www.catchingupwithkate.com/free-disneys-frozen-olaf-printables/

Print out the “Build a Snowman” activity sheet.  If you’re looking for other Frozen fun visit http://movies.disney.com/frozen/downloads/activities .  There are a bunch of other fun coloring and activity sheets on this page too.  However, for this little project you will only need the Olaf printout.   Since I printed it out on basic copy paper, I chose to laminate the sheet to make it a bit sturdier.

Olaf 0042. Once printed cut out all of Olaf’s parts.

3. Next, put him together by using a hole puncher and brads.

Olaf 018

Olaf 006

4. Once together, flip him over and add the puppet stick.  I used a wooden skewer and taped down the pointed side.  Olaf 011That’s it!  Super simple and my kids had a blast playing with him.  Now it’s time to get our dance party on and pretend it’s “In Summer!”  If you’re surround by two feet of snow, like us, just watching Olaf’s YouTube video is enough to warm your heart.

We’re Sending Warm Hugs to You!

Olaf 014

Happy HallowSCREAM Favor Tag {Free Printable}

 Happy Halloween favor tag

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Today is a short post that may come in handy this week.   After my little “monsters” and I finished putting together Gavin’s classmates’ Monsters University-Inspired goody bags, I thought I’d create a simple tag for the back side of the bag. If you’re preparing your children’s classmates goody bags today, you may be able to use this tag too!   They are a basic white tag with a little eyeball in the center.  The tag simply states, “Happy HallowSCREAM”.   These tags could be used on any trick-or-treat goody bags!  I used Avery brand 2 1/2″ diameter glossy white round labels to print out the tags.  Using a sticker to apply the note was so easy!  If you’d prefer to use white cardstock, punch the tags out using a 2 1/2″ round craft punch and glue it on the back side of the bag, so easy!  Just make sure your little Monster remembers to sign them!

To use these tags, click on the Adobe pdf file below.

Happy Hallowscream printable

If you newly discovered Mouse Ears Mom, you might have missed my post of what’s inside the Mike inspired gift bag and an easy tutorial on how I made them.  Check out the post here:



Have a Monstrous Halloween!