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Muppet’s Favorite ~ Beaker Cookie Pops

Beaker PopBeaker, with his adorable little “Meep” noises and willingness to help in any situation, is one of my family’s top five favorite Muppets.

In actuality, Beaker is my husband’s favorite Muppet.  So when planning our son’s upcoming Muppet’s themed birthday party, I had to create a Beaker-themed treat.   I’m happy to report that after catching a glimpse of this sweet cookie pop my husband exclaimed, “That’s my favorite thing you’ve ever made!”  Success!  If you know someone that loves this shy Muppet as much as my husband does, surprise them with this easy to make treat.

Here’s the simple tutorial of how I made Beaker into a cookie pop.

Beaker Cookie Pops 001

Gather Supplies:  I used Vienna Fingers cookies for the head of Beaker, candy eyes and orange peanut M&Ms for his nose.  You’ll also need cookie pop sticks.

Beaker Cookie Pops 002

Additional supplies:  I used white and orange candy melts by Wilton candies.

Beaker Cookie Pops 006Step 1. Separate each cookie sandwiche’s top layer from their bottom layer.

Beaker Cookie Pops 007

Step 2: Melt a small amount of white chocolate.  Dip the cookie pop stick into the white chocolate and place it in the center of the pop.

Beaker Cookie Pops 009Step 3: Put the cookie sandwich back together very gently.  To make it stay together easily, I added a dab of white chocolate to the bottom of the top cookie layer before placing it back together.

Beaker Cookie Pops 013Step 4: While the chocolate hardens around the cookie pop stick, melt a small amount of orange chocolate.  Once melted, put it inside of a snack size Ziploc bag.

Beaker Cookie Pops 014

Step 5: Lay down a sheet of wax paper on your counter.  Then snip a tiny hole at corner of the bag with the melted orange chocolate and pipe Beakers hair on the wax paper.  Allow five minutes for the candy hair to harden.

Step 6: Mix the remaining white melted candy with the remaining orange candy.  This will give you the slightly lighter orange color for Beaker’s face.  If needed, add more orange candy melts until you have enough to dip the cookie pops.  I used a shallow pan to dip them in, by dipping one side and then flipping it over to dip the opposite side.  Place the cookie pop on wax paper after dipping.

Beaker Cookie Pops 024Step 7: Attach Beaker’s hair on the cookie while the chocolate is still hardening.  Once the hair has been secured, add his eyes and nose.  Allow all the chocolate to harden.

Step 8: Once hardened, you can now add Beaker’s mouth by using a toothpick to lightly carve into the chocolate.

That’s it!  If you’re not ready to enjoy these treats, I recommend placing them in a airtight storage container and keeping them in a cool area.

Are you ready for this weekend’s premier of Muppets Most Wanted?  Here’s to hoping Beaker gets some screen time!

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A Set of Mouse Ears for Santa

Mickey Santa  EarsWhen it comes to MAGIC Mickey Mouse shares the top of the list with the “Man in the Red Suit”.

I think it’s only fitting that Santa should have his own set of Mickey Ears!  Today on The Disney Moms Blog I’m sharing my Santa Mouse Ears Sugar Cookies tutorial.  Here’s the link to check it out!    http://thedisneymoms.com/2013/12/13/santa-needs-mickey-ears/

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Have a great weekend and if you live in the Northeastern part of the US, be careful.  The snow’s on its way!

Finding Nemo’s Peach Starfish Cookies

Sept. 2012-May 2013 296When You Wish Upon a Star

Ok, so that’s a different movie.  All kidding aside, from Magic Wand toppers to Peter Pan’s 2nd Star to the Right, there are so many ways to use a star-shaped cookie cutter to make fun Disney Inspired food creations.  This week on the blog I’m keeping our Summer fun around a little bit longer, by showcasing how to bring our memories of the Beach to our homes, Disney Inspired of course.

Today I’m showing you a super easy tutorial on how to bring a touch of the Disney Ocean to your kids’ dessert plates  Below is the tutorial on how to make a cookie of our Nemo Friend, Peach the starfish.

 IMG_2172Supplies: sugar cookies mix, star cookie cutter, Wilton candy eyes, black icing, Wilton Sprinkles~ pink sugar pearls, and pink icing.  I’ve included the photo of the Wilton products that I used for this cookie project.  The sprinkles are fantastic!  They’re worth the money.  The cookie icing is not my favorite product to work with but used it for convenience.  I purchased this product for a quick royal icing result.  The icing was really runny and hard to work with at first.  I had to mix the icing outside of the bottle and then use a funnel to get it back into the container.

IMG_2160Before you start icing your sugar cookies, make they’ve cooled.

If you choose to use the icing that I used, begin by outlining the star with your icing. Don’t start too close to the edge.  The icing will spread and will go right off the side of the cookie if you’ve gotten too close.


IMG_2157Fill the inside of the cookie by adding a little bit of icing at a time.  If you shake the cookie as you’re doing this you’ll see the icing spread easier and it will take out the air bubbles.


While the cookie icing is still liquid, add your eyes and the pearls. Then leave your cookie icing harden for about an hour.  Add the star fish’s mouth after the cookie icing has solidified.

Make a wish on your Peach Starfish before your first bite!