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Simple and Inexpensive Frozen-Inspired Olaf Ornament Tutorial

Olaf Ornament

I found the cutest little Disney’s Frozen tissue boxes at our local Dollar Tree store. I can honestly tell you that I was shocked to find ANYTHING Frozen branded that cost only one dollar bill! Of course, I snatched up six boxes! The artwork is so adorable that I decided to re-purpose a now empty box to make today’s super simple ornament!

Dollar Store Olaf Ornament Tutorial

Here are the supplies that I used to make the Olaf ornament:

  • Tacky Glue
  • Sprinklets (or any glitter you’d like)
  • Small wooden frame (I found these 3″ x 3″ frames for 29 cents on clearance at a local craft store.)
  • Disney Frozen Tissue Box (Dollar Tree store is where I found mine!)
  • Bakers Twine
  • OPTIONAL: Spray Adhesive


  1. To make this ornament, pick up an Olaf tissue box from your local Dollar Tree store and cut off one side of the box.
  2. Brush the Tacky Glue on the front of the unfinished frame. (I used Tacky Glue because it dries clear, so it’s not as easy to see the Boo-Boos.)
  3. Dump that glitter on!
  4. OPTIONAL: Once the glitter dried, I sprayed the frame with Spray Adhesive and then allowed it to dry again. This step helps the glitter stay put!
  5. Cut the Olaf artwork out of the side panel just slightly larger than the frame’s opening.
  6. Glue the panel on the back of the frame and allow to dry.
  7. Add your twine for hanging purposes.


 If you can’t locate any Frozen tissue boxes, you can use wrapping paper!

I found this great wrapping paper at Hallmark!  Speaking of Hallmark, I’m certain you’ve seen the beautiful Disney Frozen ornaments that they had for purchase this holiday season.  Our local stores are completely sold out!  This ornament is a great alternative if your store is sold out or if you’ve already purchased a gift and didn’t want to spend an additional $15 per ornament.

Frozen ornament tutorial

The key to using wrapping paper for the ornament’s center image is to use spray adhesive (I used Scott’s brand.) to attach the wrapping paper piece to thicker material for backing.  As you can see in the photo above, I used brown heavy-duty craft paper. It’s actually the center of a used up roll of wrapping paper.

Disney Frozen Anna Hand Made Ornament


 Adorable- right?  My three year old little girl loved the ornaments and I hope you did too!

Olaf and Anna ornaments


Back-to-School with an Olaf Inspired Pencil Holder

Frozen Blog Hop

The sun is shining.  The birds are tweeting and my kids have been running round singing Olaf’s “In Summer” during this beautiful season we’ve been enjoying in Pennsylvania.

They’re not alone.  While talking with a bunch of fellow Disney-Inspired bloggers, we all realized that Frozen is just as hot as the blazing sun outside.  We decided to group together to bring you our best Frozen Inspired fun for you to read, pin and share as you hop around our blogs.

For my post today, I’d like to share with you how to make an Olaf-Inspired Pencil Holder.

Olaf Pencil Holder

Due to all the extra snow days we had last year, the district is trying to prepare for this winter by starting the school year earlier.  Trying to get my son prepared, I have school on the brain.  While picking up supplies the other day, I bought McDonald’s happy meals for the kids’ lunches.  With the Frozen soundtrack blaring in the background, I handed Gavin and Victoria their milks and couldn’t help but think of little Olaf’s adorably shaped head.  Pairing school with Olaf, I came up with an Olaf Inspired Pencil Holder!  My mind works in strange ways, I know.


Olaf Pencil Holder Supplies

  • One cleaned McDonald’s milk container
  • Orange, white, black and brown felt
  • Two google eyes
  • Glue Gun with glue

Draw Olaf’s nose, eyebrows, mouth and tooth onto the felt and cut them out.

Olaf felt pieces

Hot glue the back of each piece and attach them to the milk bottle.

You’re done!  It’s that simple!

Can’t get enough of Olaf?  Hop on over to another fun Frozen post!


Mod Podge Collage Clay DIY: Frozen-Inspired Princess Wand

Mod Podge Collage Clay Wand

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Plaid Crafts (Mod Podge) and The Blueprint Social. The project idea and opinions of Plaid Crafts products are 100% mine.  Collage Clay is NOT recommended for children ages 12 and under, and the product is NOT edible. Small parts are a choking hazard for children.

The Magic of Mod Podge Collage Clay

Despite Olaf’s “Warm Hug” heat outside, our television continues to play to the chilly tune of Disney’s hit animated film, “FROZEN”.  I think we all can agree that this film, and every single product related to the film, isn’t frozen but instead it’s HOT!  So popular are these items that they disappear from shelves almost as soon as store employees take the products out of their shipment boxes.  The hunt for “Frozen” related items is often forefront in my mind when I’m out shopping. So as you might expect, when I gazed upon fluffy white Mod Podge Collage Clay, sparkly silver and bright blue Mod Melts, and over-sized jewel Mod Molds, I instantly thought of “Frozen”.  Instead of searching for a “Frozen” product to purchase, I decided to make my own “Frozen”-INSPIRED item!  I simply couldn’t wait to work on a Decoden project that would celebrate the famous Ice Queen.

Wondering what Decoden is?

Decoden is the art of decorating ANYTHING with trinkets, and “the more the merrier” is the name of the game in designing an over the top look in this 3-D collage technique.  You can use Collage Clay with Mod Melts, buttons, rhinestones, and anything else you can think of!  On top of your design add extra drama and dimension by using Drizzle Paint  or make the project really sparkle with Podgable Glitters.  Go for total indulgence – it’s welcome in Decoden!

Here’s how I made this “Frozen“-Inspired Princess Wand

Last week my daughter and I were out shopping and came across a wooden snowflake ornament (yes, in July!)  Victoria immediately associated it with the movie “Frozen” and she wanted it.  I instantly wanted to use it for this Decoden project!  We went straight home with our snowflake ornament and a wooden dowel.  My daughter took her nap and I was done making a “Frozen”-Inspired wand by the time she was up!  It was that simple AND so much fun!  Here are eight simple steps to help you create a Decoden Princess Wand too!

Step 1:  Start by gathering up all of your supplies.

I was so pleased to have received from Plaid Crafts two packages of Mod Melts  and three different Mod Molds  to use for this project.  Mod Melts are used with a high temp mini glue gun to create embellishments by applying the melts into the easy-to-use and durable silicone Mod Molds.  I used Mod Melts from both packs but only used the Gem and Sea Life Mod Molds for this project.

Mod Podge Supplies

Here’s the complete list of supplies needed for this project:

  • Snowflake ornament
  • Wooden Dowel
  • White Paint
  • White Mod Podge Collage Clay (Also available in the trend right color, Strawberry Pink, but I chose White, for obvious reasons.)
  • Blue and Glittery Silver Mod Podge Melts
  • Mod Podge Gem and Sea Life Molds
  • One Disney Frozen character button pin
  • High Temp Mini Glue Gun

Step 2: Make Embellishments using Mod Melts and Mod Molds

I opened both bags of Mod Melts and picked out the most beautiful glittery silver from one and bright icy blue Mod Melts from the other. With the help of my trusty glue gun, I got right to work making gems with the mod mold.

Mod Melts with Mod Mold

After allowing the mod mold to cool down for ten minutes, the gems easily popped right out! There wasn’t an ounce of mess left behind, so I filled them again to make more.

To create the snowflake embellishment, fill the starfish Mod Mold completely and then add the additional snowflake spokes to the starfish while it is still hot.  Then at the end of each point, add an additional dab of the Mod Melt.  My snowflakes each have ten points.

Step 3:  Paint the wooden dowel white.

Mod Podge Molds Embellishments

Step 4: While the paint is drying, lay out your Decoden design idea to make sure you like the look before you start applying the Collage Clay.

Preparing for Mod Podge Collage Clay

 Now the fun really begins!  Time to get out the College Clay!

Collage Clay is a lightweight whipped clay that can be used in all kinds of assemblage arts, like Decoden, 3D Collage, and 3D Stenciling.  Included in each box is a Star Tip, Round Tip and a Wavy Tip, similar to the tips you’d use for decorating with icing.    Honestly, the white Collage Clay really did look like icing, so much so, that my seven year old son said, “Can I have a bite?”.  And that is why Mod Podge Collage Clay is not recommended for children 12 and under.  As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Collage Clay is NOT edible. Mod Podge Collage Clay

Step 5:  Place aside the embellishments, attach the Star Tip to the Collage Clay bag, and apply it to the wooden snowflake.

Working with the Collage Clay was just like piping icing onto a cake.  Once I piped my design onto the snowflake, all I had to do was place the embellishments onto the clay. It was that easy and a lot of fun.  It was so simple and quick that I found myself searching around the house for other items I could decorate!

Step 6: Add Embellishments to the Collage Clay

Mod Podge Collage Clay

Step 7: Secure the wooden dowel to the back of the snowflake with the help of a glue gun and some left over Mod Melts.

Step 8: For the final touches, add embellishment beads and ribbon to the painted wooden dowel.

One final tip:   The Collage Clay does not set quickly.  Within the first hour the clay started to harden and I was able to pick it up and let my daughter hold her new wand for a few minutes.  (There was a lot of “Abracadabra” going on!) However, after the couple minutes passed, I put it back on the counter to cure for a few days.  By the fourth day I felt it was completely set.

Here’s a close up of the completed Frozen-Inspired Princess Wand.  Doesn’t the Collage Clay give it a perfect fluffy snow-like touch?  My little princess is ready for some serious Elsa role playing!

Collage Clay & Mod Melt Embellishments on a wooden snowflake

So are you ready to Decoden?  You can purchase all of these wondrous products at Michaels .

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Can you imagine the awesomeness you can create with all that stuff?  If not, here’s some inspiration brought to you by Plaid Crafts.

Mod Podge Collage Clay Decoden

 Do you love Mod Podge as much as I do?  You can keep up with the latest and greatest Mod Podge craft ideas from Plaid by following them on Pinterest and Instagram!  Don’t forget to “Like” them on Facebook!

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Disney on Ice Presents “Frozen”! Enter to Win a $150 Ticketmaster Gift Card to go!

DOI Frozen contest (1)

Disney on Ice Presents “Frozen”!

Beginning September 2014, Disney’s world famous animated film, “Frozen” will take to the ice across America.  Can you imagine your little ones eyes as they light up at sight of Elsa and Anna magically gliding on the ice?  Or the giggling you’ll hear as Olaf sings “Summer”? This show is sure to be amazing!

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Below is a list of the current locations that Disney has announced will be offering the Disney on Ice “Frozen” show.  Check it out to find the closest location near you!  If you don’t see a location that is close to you, don’t worry yet. Disney will be adding more locations soon!

frozen on iceI’d like to thank the following fabulous Disney -loving bloggers for teaming up to offer this Frozenly (yes I made that word up) Fantastic Giveaway!

Big Fat Panda
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I’d like to say a special thank you to the blog, Home Is Where the Mouse Is.  James organized this giveaway and did a wonderful job putting our graphics together.  Please stop by the Home Is Where The Mouse Is blog, I’m certain you’ll love their blog too!  Here’s a link to take you straight to their home page! http://www.homeiswherethemouseis.com/

Have you had the opportunity to see any of the other Disney on Ice shows?  What is your favorite show to date?  I have a feeling this one will be our favorite!

A Mom’s Review of Disney’s Frozen

FrozenDo you have plans to see Frozen this holiday season?

Due to an early dismissal day at school yesterday, Gavin, my six-year-old and I spent this afternoon in the theater watching Disney’s latest movie release, Frozen.  Determined not to be influenced by other reviews, I made sure not to read anything Frozen related that came my way before seeing the movie.  Of course I couldn’t avoid the marketing campaign Disney put out there, so I did hear that one critic pronounced Frozen to be the best Disney film since The Lion King…pretty big shoes to fill.  Regardless, this review is my thoughts, as a mom and a Disney Enthusiast, typed out for you to read.  I am not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company.  Having said that, on with my review.

My Thoughts As Mom

As a mom of two small children, I’d recommend seeing Frozen and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase the movie to add to our DVD collection.  Much like other Disney animated films, it was a beautiful movie with adorable, strong fun-loving characters.  If you have a little princess in your home, she’s going to love this film and the new dresses she’ll be adding to her wardrobe. On a serious note, the lessons taught within the film are those that we all want our children to know and exercise.  Family is important and sacrificing for those we love is how we all should live our lives.  The acceptance of differences in others will lead to true happiness for everyone and being selfish only results in exclusion and misery.

My Thoughts as a Disney Enthusiast

As a Disney Enthusiast,  I enjoyed the film but didn‘t leave the theater ready to purchase another ticket to see it again.  The film’s storyline played out in classic Disney format with the use of music.  The soundtrack was playful, but at times heart wrenching.  The songs were fun and a bit more trendy than I expected.    However, one major detail jumped out at me.  Idina Menzel , whom voiced Elsa, the Queen,  previously voiced The Wicked Witch of the West in the Broadway musical rendition of Wicked.  Anytime Disney chooses an actor who’s voice is to give life to a character, I feel that it should be a voice that the new character could own.     As soon as Idina’s beautiful voice hit my ears I couldn’t get her other role out of my head.  It was a huge disappointment for me since the two characters are so different.  I feel that the association of the Wicked Witch to Elsa was then formed in my head and it was hard not to allow the association mold my feelings about Elsa.

The animation was exquisite. There were moments in the film where not only are you saying, “Wow”, but the animated characters are too!  The landscapes were nothing short of magical.  The sisters, Elsa and Anna could easily be told apart, due to their hair, skin coloring and mannerisms.  However, I’m disappointed in what I call Disney’s new “bowling ball head” animation.  Soon after Disney and Pixar joined forces, the change happened.  Now I feel as if every female character in a Disney or Pixar film looks as if they are related to the Incredible family.  From Merida in Brave, to Mrs. Fredrickson in Up and now Elsa and Anna, they all appear to be long-lost family.  Maybe I’m being too harsh, but take a look at all of the princesses before Merida and they have distinguishing features and characteristics that make them relatable in the real world.  Don’t get me wrong, the film’s animation was breathtaking, fabulous, and outstanding but I’m being honest when I’m harshly reviewing the human animation.

The storyline was surprising.  I immediately fell in love with the two sisters and had tears in my eyes within the first twenty minutes.  The character development of the two sisters was perfect.  It was wonderful to see a storyline based on sibling love and fantastic to watch a “not-so-typical” fairytale ending.   However, there were moments that  I felt like the movie was rushed.  At the end of Frozen my son said, “That was short.”  I agree.  Although the length of the film wasn’t short (103 minutes which is actually 3 minutes longer than Tangled), we left feeling as if there could have been more.

So, is Frozen as good as The Lion King?

I’m not sold on that statement.  Frozen is a good film and both my son and I enjoyed it.  But I would not place it in the same room as The Little Mermaid ( also a story line inspired by a Hans Christian Anderson story), Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin or The Lion King.