DSC_2177What could make this classic apple a bit more attractive to your Preschooler?

Try turning his snack into a Mickey Mouse Apple.  With the use of two small black cardstock circles and two small pieces of tape, you’ve got a Mickey Apple!

First wash your apple and dry it really well so the tape will stick.  Make two circles on black cardstock.  I traced a lid to a container that is the size of a typical spice container.  Then cut them out and tape them face down.  Bend back the “ears” so that they fit the apple.  That’s it- you’re done!


It’s the simplest thing to do, but effective.  As soon as my six-year-old and two-year-old saw the apples, they both wanted the Mickey one!  Just make sure that your little Mouseketeer takes the ears and pieces of tape off the apple before they bite into it.

DSC_2216Which one do you think your Mouseketeer will pick?

2 Comments on A Nutritiously Sweet Mickey Mouse Apple

    • Sometimes the simplest things are the things kids love the most! I know I love Hidden Mickeys too :) Suz, thank you for stopping by the blog today!

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