Mary Poppins cakesIt’s Oscar’s Night!

Don’t you just love the Oscars?  All the glitz and glam is so easy to get wrapped up in.  The next thing I know, I’m up until midnight making sure I’ve seen the last award handed out.

Once upon a time, before babies arrived,  I attended Oscar parties.  They were so much fun and I truly miss going!  This year I decided to throw my own little party for just our family.  I don’t know about you, but my favorite movie of the year was Saving Mr. Banks.  I wish it was nominated for more awards other than Best Original Score, but regardless I decided to theme some snacks for the evening after the film, Mary Poppins.

This is honestly the most impromptu “party”, having just decided to put it together this morning.  The kids and I watched Mary Poppins last night and during the animated sequence Miss Mary ordered some Raspberry Ice, cakes and tea.  So this morning Victoria and I ran to the store and we found these adorable Strawberry Shortcakes and also some Black Raspberry Sparkling Ice.  Then I jumped on-line and found this website with “Free Mary Poppins clip art”.  I DO NOT recommend using the clip art from this site on items you make for sale because I’m certain they are copyrighted to Disney.  However, for our impromptu party they worked perfectly.

If you loved Saving Mr. Banks and want to throw your own Poppins Oscar party tonight, you can use the clip art in the fashion that I did. Here is a PDF named Mary.  It’s of the penguins and Mary Poppins flying.  It’s sized for the straw and cupcake decorations.


I hope you all enjoy the Oscars tonight and if you have snow headed your way, I hope you’re at home warm and safe.  Maybe if Elsa wins her Oscar for Frozen she’ll stop this crazy snow!




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    • Thanks for stopping by Suz! I hope you have the opportunity to print them out and use them! Isn’t it fun to theme your food for movie nights? Have a great day!

    • Thank you Suz! I hope you do have the opportunity to have a Mary Poppins party. I’d love to read about it on your blog! :) Thanks for stopping by the blog Suz!

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