animal cupcakeDoes your family have a pick for Favorite Muppet?

In our house, Animal is one of our top five favorite Muppets.  Today I gave it my best attempt to make an Animal-Inspired cupcake.  If you like how he turned out and would like to make Animal cupcakes for your kids, here’s a quick tutorial!

Muppet cupcake 003Gather the following supplies:  Candy eyes, Tic-Tacs, Juju coins, red & orange icing, and cupcakes.

Muppet cupcake 010Start by icing the cupcake with orange icing.

Muppet cupcake 012Next, add the eyes and nose.

Muppet cupcake 015Then add his seven wonderful teeth.

Muppet cupcake 031Using a Star decorator tip, pipe Animal’s orange and red fur icing.  Last, but not least, add his black eyebrows.  It’s that simple!

Animal cupcake take 2 006

Which Muppet is your family’s favorite?  I’m working on a few other Muppets-Inspired ideas to share with you shortly.  So far, I’ve shared with you Kermit and Animal Inspired ideas.  Look for my family’s other three favorite Muppets to show up on the blog in upcoming posts.

This Friday I’m thrilled to be participating in the Favorite Food Friday blog hop hosted by Day by Day Disney.  If you love Disney food, hop over to Day by Day Disney to check out more fun Disney food. He’s featuring the “Grey Stuff” cupcake today!  Check it out at


14 Comments on Animal! Muppet Cupcake Tutorial

    • Thank you Sean for hosting such a fun blog hop! I really enjoyed reading about the “Grey Stuff” this week. I ate at Beast’s back in January and didn’t try it. Now I have to go back to simply have that cupcake!

  1. Wow! You did a great job with the Animal cupcake – so cute! Can’t wait to see what other Muppet-inspired ideas you’re planning to share!

    • Thanks Heidi! I’m working on some more Muppets things today another treat idea and a craft. I hope to complete them and have them on the blog by Monday. Thank you for stopping by the blog today!

    • Thanks Julie! The Muppets are quite a cast of characters! That’s why we have FIVE favorites and not just one :) Thanks for stopping by the blog!

    • Thanks Kimberly! And thanks for hopping by! By the way, thanks to your post, I’m writing out my grocery list and adding quite a bit juice :)

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