Patriotic Mickey Pops

Showing American Pride Couldn’t Be Sweeter!

My sister-in-law’s birthday is on July 4th.  She’s a big Mickey fan and her FAVORITE cookie is Double Stuffed Oreos. I think that these patriotic Mickey pops will be a perfect birthday treat for her…so shhh, don’t tell her that I made these for her!

If you’d like to make these yummy treats, below is a short tutorial for you to use:

  1. Gather susome suppliespplies: red, white and blue candy melts, cookie lollipop sticks, regular size Oreos as well as mini Oreos, melting cups to use for dipping (I use a 4 cup Pyrex glass measuring cup), squeeze bottles for drizzling, wax paper,  cookie sheets and candy wrapper bags.  I used the large size candy bags that are pictured to the right.  When Mickey’s ears are attached, it’s very hard to fit the pop in a smaller bag.
  2. Separate the top from the bottom of the regular size Oreos. Place the cookie, with the filling still attached, on a waxed covered cookie sheet with the filling side facing up.
  3. Melt the white chocolate in a squeeze bottle.  Once melted, pipe a circle of white chocolate on top of the white Oreo filling.  In that circle of chocolate, place your lollipop stick and then place the top of the cookie back on the cookie, pushing very gently (as to not snap the top of the cookie in two…guess who did that like ten times!).  Continue to do this for all of the cookies you’ve placed on your cookie sheet.
  4. Place the cookies with the lollipop sticks in the refrigerator for five minutes.  This will harden the chocolate, acting like glue and secure the sticks for dipping.
  5. While you Mini Oreoswait for the chocolate to harden, lets move on to Mickey’s Ears. Line another cookie sheet with wax paper.  Then melt the red and blue chocolate in microwave safe cups that are suitable for dipping your cookies. Depending on your preference, dip the mini Oreo in either the red or blue chocolate.  I chose to do both and dipped half of my container of cookies in red and the other in blue.  To dip, I tossed the entire mini cookie in the melted chocolate and used a spoon to take it out, letting the extra chocolate slowly drip off of the cookie’s side, then placed on the cookie sheet.  When finished with them all, place them in the refrigerator and take out your regular size Oreos with the sticks.
  6. A bit less chocolate for the little Mouseketeers.
    A bit less chocolate for the little Mouseketeers.

    Dip the full size Oreos in the remaining red and blue chocolate, and place back on the cookie sheet. Once you’ve completed them all, take the mini Oreos out of the refrigerator, dip the edge of them one more time in their coordinating color and attach them to the full size cookie.  To help everything set, place them back in the refrigerator for another five minutes.  SPECIAL NOTE: To the left I have a picture of what it looks like if you chose to only dip half way.  I did this for my little Mouseketeers, that of course want to try them too!  It’s a touch less chocolate than the full dip and therefore not as heavy on little tummy’s.

  7. Once the ears are set, the drizzling starts!  A quick back and forth motion works well.  You could use a spoon to drizzle your remaining red and blue chocolate or as I did, drizzle white first with my squeeze bottle; let them set for a few minutes, then reused my bottle for the remaining color.
  8. Last but not least, wrap each pop in a candy bag and tie it shut.  Place all of your Patriotic Mickey pops in an air tight container and keep the container in a cool location.

Happy 4th of July Everyone!



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