Photographer: Nat Warren
Photographer: Nat Warren


Regardless of when you decide to vacation at The Walt Disney World Resort, there are always great history lessons you can teach your kids while the entire family is having fun.  Below you can find a list of what I believe are the Top 10 American History Hot Spots at Walt Disney World, grouped by theme park.

The Magic Kingdom

  1. The Hall of Presidents– The ultimate American History attraction teaches it’s audience the story of the birth of this nation.  At the end of the film the curtains will reveal all 43 American Presidents together on one stage.
  2. Replicas of the Liberty Bell and Liberty Tree– Found in Liberty Square, the Liberty Bell is an authentic replica of the actual Liberty Bell found in Philadelphia.  The Liberty Tree is over 100 years old and also pays homage to the original 13 colonies.
  3. Liberty Square Riverboat- When riding this authentic three tiered paddlewheel steam boat, guests listen to a narration from Mark Twain as he describes some of America’s historic events.
  4. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress– Walt’s Disney’s original New York World’s Fair attraction explores the history of 20th Century technology as it applies to one American household.
  5. Disney’s The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains Tour (10 years old+)- This is a behind the scenes tour (not included in the cost of your daily ticket admission.)  This tour will teach some historical moments in regards to the role trains played in America’s history, but more specifically the tour will teach you about the role that steam trains have played in the history of Walt Disney’s life and the life of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.


6. The American Adventure– This 30 minute show is found in the World Showcase section of Epcot.   Telling the story of America’s history with the use of 35 Audio-Animatronics, it is an experience you won’t forget!

7. American Heritage Gallery– This exhibit, also found in World Showcase, tells the history of  African American achievements over the past 400 years.

Disney Hollywood Studios

8. The Great Movie Ride– This ride on attraction tells the great story of American film.

9. Walt Disney- One Man’s Dream – This “walk at your own pace” attraction showcases the life story of someone who lived the American Dream, Walt Disney.

The Wilderness Lodge Resort (located in the Magic Kingdom Resort Area)

10. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Tour–  Although this tour is technically for guests of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge .  I have heard that if you are within the resort during the start of this free tour, you will not be turned away.  The tour will give you a detailed look at the resort and explain the story that the building tells about Native American History.

The next time you visit The Walt Disney World Resort I hope that you take the time to experience these American history hot spots.  Your children will return to school ready to write a history report and you never know, you might learn something about America’s amazing history too!

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