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Whether you plan on traveling by plane, train or automobile, the thought of traveling with small children for a long period of time can be a bit overwhelming. Then you throw in the fact that Walt Disney World consists of 42 square miles of fun and I’m certain most heads start to spin. Thoughts flood your mind. What should I pack? How can I prepare for all the potential issues that could arise? How will I meet all of my children’s needs and have an enjoyable vacation for the whole family?

As a mom of two young children (2 years old and 6 years old), as well as a Disney File, I find myself running the same thoughts through my mind each year. My husband and I met while we worked at Walt Disney World about 10 years ago. Since moving back to Pennsylvania in 2002, we have visited our old boss at least once every year and our son, Gavin, has been to WDW 8 times in his six big years. We’ve traveled by automobile and plane, both have had their perks. Today, I’d like to help you prepare with packing lists and tips for travel to and from WDW, as well as tips for being prepared to have FUN with your little ones in the parks. Most importantly, I promise that after all your preparations, no matter what happens along the way to Disney, once you arrive Tink’s Pixie Dust will make many moment magical and your memories will truly last a lifetime.

Below is a link that will take you directly to a page that I wrote a year and a half ago, yet it is still relevant today.  On this page you’ll find my Plane Flight Packing List for Traveling with an Infant and a separate list for Traveling with a Preschooler.  In addition the page includes a Children’s Packing List for Automobile Travel  and a Packing List for your Daily Disney Excursions while on vacation.  It’s nine pages packed with valuable packing lists and advice for travelling to Disney with small children.


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