Disney PartyDuring this first week of November I give THANKS for being able to share my love of Disney with others.

From the age of six I fell in love with The Walt Disney Company.  Everything the company stands for whispers, “Dream.  Create.  Explore”.  Being a dreamer, I made it my goal in first grade to one day “live” at Disney.  Thirty years later, I’m so incredibly thankful for my time that I worked in Disney’s parks and stores. I’m thankful for the time that I was allowed to live out my dream and for the time I was able to create magical memories for others.  I’m thankful for my little Disney-Inspired blog and for meeting others as passionate about Disney as my family and I.  Most importantly, I’m thankful that I am able to share my passion with those that matter most, my family.

About three years ago I applied to be a member of The Disney Moms Panel.  Unfortunately I wasn’t selected, but was sent an awesome Walt Disney World party packet in the mail.  Excited to share all my new goodies, I threw an impromptu WDW party.  I invited my cousins and their young children, in addition to my best friend with her two little Mouseketeers.  What fun we had!  The kids played Walt Disney World Bingo, had a Mickey Vinylmation coloring contest, made a Disney wish maker and played Disney trivia.  If you LOVE Walt Disney World or are planning a soon to be vacation to the Mouse’s house, check out this site.  You can print out the same Disney trivia questions, Disney wish makers, and Walt Disney World Bingo that I used in my party and throw an impromptu party yourself!

Click on the link below to find the “Everyday Celebration” printable items:


Here are some photos from the party.  They were taken with my old camera, so I apologize for the poor quality.Disney Easter Disney Birthday 267Wish Makers- talk about bringing me back to my childhood!

Disney Easter Disney Birthday 263Everyone wore a set of Mouse Ears, even our littlest Mouseketeer!

Disney Easter Disney Birthday 277The Mickey Mouse Vinylmation coloring sheet was given to my son at Downtown Disney’s West Side in the store D StreetWe took it home and made a bunch of copies.  Aren’t they such creative little guys?

The kids had a great time.  Walt Disney World Bingo was everyone’s favorite part of the party and surprisingly some kids even watched a Walt Disney World Vacation Planning video!  Can you imagine them sitting there with their little Mouse ears on?  It was super cute.

Are you thankful for the way The Walt Disney Company has touched your life?  I’d love to hear about it!





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  1. I absolutely love Disney and Disney World!!! I fell in love at 14yrs old when I first visited WDW and have since grown in my love, a.k.a obsession, as some who know me may call it! 😉
    In 2001 my then boyfriend (now husband) and I went to WDW and vowed to create a “Disney Fund” so we could visit more often. I “wisely” chose to marry that man & God blessed us w two little Disney Princesses of our own and that was it-I was OBSESSED w Disney and taking my girls there. Their first trip and every 1 since has made me a Full Blown Disney Addict! 😉 I cried the first time I ever stepped foot on Main St USA and bawled as I watched my girls (then 4& 2) watch in awe as the princesses rode by on floats during the afternoon parade. And nothing could beat last years trip to Disney at Christmas time. AMAZING dream come true for me!!!!
    I am truly passionate about Disney, Mr Walt Disney and WDW as well as all other Disney related things. I study and follow everything Disney! It IS my 2nd job 😉
    I Absolutely am loving your blog. Excited to see someone else with the same passion for Disney. Happy I found it!!!! Keep up the great work!!! I love reading your reviews! Thanks for fueling my addiction 😉

    • Erica, you just about made me cry! Thank you for such a nice message. It’s wonderful meeting people like you that share in living a “Disney” life. I too have cried at Disney just watching my children enjoy the magic found within it’s gates. I hope you get to visit WDW with your family again soon! Thank you Erica for following my little blog- it means a lot to me that you enjoy it. :)

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