Lego Giveaway 001I had planned on starting this week with reviews on this Christmas’s top requested Disney themed toys.  However, my family and friends had so much fun at our Disney Lego duplo party this past weekend, I decided to share with you the party details and easy Lego themed treat tutorial first. Now having experienced 19 children playing with Lego duplo’s Disney-themed building bricks, I’d like to begin this week’s toy review by sharing my thoughts on these products.  As I mentioned earlier this week, Lego and House Party provided me with six of their newest sets, in exchange for hosting a Lego duplo themed House Party.  My reviews of these building sets are exclusively my opinions and do not reflect those of Lego duplo, House Party or anyone other than myself.  Having said that, on with my review.

Lego duplo currently offers three Disney Planes themed building sets, three Disney Junior Jake and the Never Land Pirates sets and five Disney Princess sets.  I was given all three Disney Planes and Jake sets for the children to play with during the party.  After observing the kids playing, here are my thoughts on each.

Disney’s Planes

lego set 005Lego duplo bricks are roughly double the size of  regular Lego bricks, making them harder to swallow and easier for little hands to work with- both awesome.   The Disney Planes Lego duplo building sets are made for children ages 2-5 and I believe can be enjoyed by Disney Plane enthusiasts beyond age 5, especially if they like to play with the toys once building is complete.   My favorite thing about all of the Planes sets is that the Plane character Legos come in solid body pieces and little ones only need to add the wheels. It’s fantastic because the planes do not fall apart easily. Each building set comes with a minimum of two characters and a Lego based setting for them to play in.  It’s nice that the “setting”, whether it’s the flight school, the air race or Chugs fuel station, is what your child will create with the bricks.  Therefore they’re using their motor skills and learning about colors and the finished product remains stable.  We love Legos in our house, but my six-year-old gets extremely frustrated when in the past he has spent a half hour building a set and then it falls apart easily and he can’t play with it.  I can’t say enough positive things about the Disney Plane Lego duplo sets.  He’s played with these Disney Planes sets for four days!    All three Plane sets have been great for both my 2-year-old and my six-year-old.  Both children are able to feel a sense of accomplishment in playing with these and I’d recommend them!

Disney Junior’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Lego Party 055Doesn’t every toddler and preschooler love Jake and the Never Land Pirates?  The smallest building set is 22 pieces and the largest set, Jake’s Pirate Ship Bucky at 56 pieces.  They’re perfect for the recommended age of 2 to 5 years of age.  Of course everyone’s favorite was Jake’s pirate ship.  The ship’s cannon shoots!  Each set comes with at least one character.  Jake’s Treasure Hunt includes Jake.  The Never Land Hideout, featuring a cool slide that my daughter loves and includes Izzie and Cubbby and the large Pirate Ship Bucky set includes Jake and Captain Hook.  If you have a Pirate fan in your house, I suggest getting the Ship.  The completed set is something that your child will play with over and over.  It stays together really well.  You’ll enjoy helping your little one put this building set together too!


Everyone at the party enjoyed these sets so much.  I know you and your kids will too!  So Monday I went straight to Toys R Us, and purchased Jake’s Treasure Hunt for a Giveaway!  The set consists of 22 pieces, including Jake and his parrot friend, Skully.  My two-year-old daughter loves the boat that’s included.   Lego Jake attaches in the boat, so he stays where she wants him too.  She’s actually managed to fit four characters in the little boat!  If you’re a fan of Mouse Ears Mom on Facebook, or choose to become a fan today you’ll be able to enter the Giveaway!  To enter, just click on the Rafflecopter giveaway link below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disney Princess

ariel lego
This photo is a Lego dupo website photo.

 There are five Disney Princess Lego Duplo branded sets:  Cinderella’s Caste, Ariel’s Undersea Castle, Ariel’s Magical Boat Ride, Cinderella’s Carriage and Snow White’s Cottage.

Other than seeing these products on-line and in stores, I haven’t had the experience of having my children play with these sets.  I’m not going to review them because of that.  However, I can say my daughter has a couple of these sets on her list!  At the moment, one is sitting in my closet waiting for some pretty wrapping paper.

Stop by Lego duplo website for more photos and product descriptions.

I hope this week’s reviews will help you get your shopping list ready for next week’s big shopping day!  In the meantime, enter to win one Jake and the Never Land Pirates Lego duplo set.  You’ll know on Thanksgiving Day if you’re the winner!

Just click here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    • Thanks for entering the giveaway Lisa :) My six year old son wants electronic items already too- Disney Infinity and a device that he can send text messages to his grandparents.

    • Thanks for stopping by the blog and for liking Mouse Ears Mom on Facebook! Ariel was one of my favorite princesses growing up and I’m so happy to see her becoming a new generations favorite too! By the way, you probably already know this, but just in case you don’t, this Sunday on the Disney Channel Sophia the First has a new special where she comes a mermaid. I wonder if Ariel will be making an appearance…

      • She dose!! My little one loved that episode!! Now she wants it on DVD for Christmas along with everything Sophia the first , the princesses Jake or monsters Inc. and doc :-)

        • Holly, thank you for stopping by the blog last night. We watched the movie last night too! Adorable, love that Ariel was a special guest princess :)

  1. My oldest wants a Terry & Terri plush and Sully plush, my middle one wants a lot of Disney stuff (princess dresses, Doc McStuffins toys, Sofia the 1st amulet necklace), and my youngest, while too young to tell me, LOVES Doc McStuffins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so some plush and toys from those are on her list. :)

    • Holly, I’m so happy you found my blog. If you have any Disney vacation planning questions, I’d love to help! Also, on the right side of the blog is a category section. One of the categories is Travel Tips. If you click on that category the link will bring to all of my previously written tips for vacationing at Walt Disney World. Thanks again for stopping by the blog!

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